Monday, November 15, 2010

Among other reasons to leave Facebook in the dust...

One of my husband's friends recently complained in a wall post about how loathsome it is to have to attend or be an attendant in a sibling's wedding. The friend wasn't complaining because she wasn't happy for her sibling or because she disliked the future in-law. This friend complained because the wedding was going to be "long." Specifically, the bride and groom want to have a full Catholic Mass for their wedding.

An hour. A whole hour. Maybe an hour-fifteen if you count the processional, recessional, and receiving line. SUCH a travesty!

Far be it for a couple to want to celebrate their wedding in the presence of God, family, and friends, and to make their faith a central part of the celebration rather than their "love of the outdoors" or their need to show off at some exclusive location. Really? Have we reached a point in our society where the idea of being married in a church is so off-putting that we can publicly humiliate couples who choose to take solemn vows inside one? Have we reached the point where the idea of taking a whole hour to vow your life to another person isn't fast enough? An hour? Really?

A whole hour to pledge your life to another person seems like such a strikingly, astonishingly short amount of time, come to think of it... and our Catholic wedding wasn't even a full Mass. I'm absolutely stunned that another person would have the guts to say it's "too long" or that it's "too boring." It's the beginning of a marriage, a couple hopeful to be together for the rest of their lives: would you rather have it quick and faithless?

I'm so glad I am not on Facebook anymore. I don't think I could handle it.


Jennifer said...

I am with you. I am a pretty antsy person so I see how hard it is to sit for that long but it is their wedding not yours. If you find it so terrible don't go and see how that works out for you. :) P.S. I am also enjoying a mostly facebook free life. People are petty. Daniel and I combined our accounts so that I won't completely lose touch with everyone after graduation but I don't pay attention to it unless I actually want to talk to a specific person. Not about people.

Jaggy said...

I must confess, I logged in on The Man's FB account last night just to look at the few pictures and profiles I miss getting updates about. My cousin's children are growing up so fast, and I really miss seeing the picture updates.

An hour later, I learned that pretty much nothing had changed. The annoying people are still annoying. The funny people are still funny. And the boring people... well, yeah. Nothing new.

The Waughs said...

I HATE when people use Facebook as a place to Bi*** about their life. GET A THERAPIST!

I'm your newest follower - love your posts!