Friday, November 26, 2010

Black Friday Fun

After a delightful Thanksgiving with my parents, sister and brother-in-law, and aunt yesterday, The Man and I ventured out to Michael's craft store for their Thanksgiving Day sale.  To say that we were underwhelmed doesn't even come close.  We went to bed at a decent hour and got up at 5:30am today to go out and score big.  We scored more like small-to-medium than "big."

See, there's a racket.  And it's stupid.  Michael's usually has pretty good sales on some of their stuff.  They regularly mark their scrapbooking supplies 40%-off.  They usually have beads 30%-off.  Their seasonal stuff is almost always at least 40-50%-off.  Several days before Thanksgiving, I received my coupons for Michael's big holiday sale and planned out what I wanted from what is usually on sale.  But when we went into the store with our 30%-off-total-purchase-including-sale-items coupon, I quickly realized that nothing was on sale.  Nothing was marked down two cents.  It will actually save me more money to wait on the one or two items I wanted when I can use my 40%-off-single-item coupon that I regularly get than it would have to spend anything last night.  When a store says "sale," I expect a sale, not a gimmick.  False advertising, I tell ya.  We didn't even buy anything!

This morning was actually not that bad.  We started with the sock sale at Freddy's.  The Man picked out a new style, and I got my standard favorites for just about $2/pair (over half-off).  We each got 12 pairs, so you can do the math, but it is enough for us to go almost two weeks without doing laundry and last another year.  We hadn't purchased new socks since before we got married, so we'd really been waiting on this sale!

Next, we hopped over to JoAnn's where we were horrified by the crafters loading up carts with twenty, thirty, maybe even fifty bolts to get the huge discounts on yardage.  I seriously thing one lady had more than fifty bolts.  Those of us with a meager two or three were not exactly thrilled about being behind that lady in line.  Oh, and the lines!  They have three cutting counters, so we queued up in three lines.  The employees kept making snide comments about how people should be making one line, but they weren't actually telling anyone to move.  There were no signs, no lines on the floor, no motions or gesture to indicate where to line up.  I didn't exactly feel much sympathy for their "problem."  I managed to find the BOGO machine quilting threads and some notions, and I got some pretty flannel fabric to make my own pajama pants all for $15.

We popped into GameStop but didn't buy anything, and then we mosied over to Staples where The Man treated himself to a brand new desk chair.  After the mail-in rebates, we will only have paid $30 for the black manager's chair.  It will be the first desk chair he's ever owned that wasn't a hand-me-down falling apart disaster, and it is super comfortable.  If my chair wasn't in as good of condition and the rebate was limited to one per household, I might have jumped at the deal!  Alas, I shall suffer with my bigger, still nicer, more powerful manager's chair. ;)

And we were home eating cinnamon rolls by 8:00am.  I then took a nap.  It was a good nap. :)

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