Sunday, November 07, 2010

Blog Year Retrospective #5

Happy five year blogiversary to me!  Yes, it was five years ago that this experiment began.  I have had more visitors here in the last year than in the previous four combined, so I think the whole blog thing is headed in a good direction. :)

A year ago, I was a very new bride.  I was literally just getting home from my honeymoon when I wrote my annual review.  Married life has been amazing.  We accomplished many "firsts" as it was our first year of marriage.  We had our first compromise, our first Christmas, our first tax season, and our first opportunity to conquer something together (other than wedding planning), among other exciting firsts.  We learned to live on a very tight budget as The Man didn't have a job our first six months.  I'm not talking a date on the town once a month tight, I'm talking potatoes three nights a week with no meat tight.  And we stayed debt-free.  Thankfully he found full-time work, and we've been incredibly blessed to have the opportunities to buy "grown-up" furniture and a brand new car recently... debt, but we replaced a car that hit 500,000 miles.  Yeah.

Apartment life is oh-so-thrilling.  We had difficulty involving a certain air conditioner this year, not with the unit itself but with the apartment management who were a treat to work with (not).  After much thought, we decided to move at the end of the summer.  Now we have more space--our space, not mine-and-he-moved-in-with-me-space--and we pay less money, plus it's much quieter.  Did I mention bigger?  WAY bigger?  Yeah.

Being married sure did cut down on some of our other hobbies.  We haven't danced much at all, and aside from a trip to the coast one weekend, we didn't have many real adventures (blah!).  Blogging has become a regular, routine part of my life, sometimes a chore and sometimes enjoyable.  I didn't have too many funny moments that were blog-worthy, nor did I have many astounding life lessons that I shared here.  I turned into one of those boring married people in less than a year!

Sure, I ranted a lot (just ask The Man), and I did get a fancy new camera this year that allowed me to take some wonderful pictures including my sister's engagement and wedding photos.  I didn't make any huge leaps and bounds with my faith this year, but I'm not worried.  I'm working on that strong, silent type of faith, the kind I've always respected the most.  (It's the "silent" part I keep having trouble with! HA!)

I've had quite a year learning to cook for two instead of one!  I started meal planning so that we didn't eat pasta every other night.  I scoured the Internet for new and exciting recipes.  I even invented some of my own recipes and shared them on my bloggy.  Oddly, I didn't cook any really bad meals our first year--oh no, that was last Friday night, and we're just not going to talk about it, k?  And I did not gain fifteen pounds in our first year of marriage (so there, evil genetics).

Most notably, aside from the whole "marriage" thing, I've indulged in one particular hobby this year.  I crafted in earnest.  I am a practical crafter, so the vast majority of the stuff I made I'm using now.  I threw together a few smaller items, and I finished my first quilt this summer.  I attended a craft retreat with my mother-in-law.  I even had to set up a crafting budget lest I go crazy and try to make everything all at once!

It's hard to summarize all that I've done and learned in the first year of marriage, so I don't think I'll attempt it now.  Know that we're happy and healthy, working hard (both of us--full time, hallelujah!), and thankful for incredible families and friends.  Who knows what the next year will bring: joy, sadness, challenges, victories, or changes.  I'm a little bit scared and a whole lot excited to find out.

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