Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Hooray for Snow Days!

I took a snow day yesterday.  The driveway was frozen over, and I couldn't get my car door opened, so I stayed home where it was safe and dry and moderately warm.  And I finished another quilting project!

Today was almost as good as yesterday.  I went to work at 8am like usual, but alerts soon went out that OSU had a fire someone on campus in the steam tunnels or something, so more than half of campus was shut down.  My building was not directly effected, so I didn't have much hope for leaving early.  Around 11am another alert went around saying more and more buildings were being shut down and, finally, the entire campus was being shut down.  Classes cancelled, work ceased, and I went home.

So let's do a quick run-down, shall we?  I worked eight hours on Monday, took Tuesday as a snow day (vacation), worked four hours today and get paid for the four hours the university was closed without having to use any leave.  I get Thursday and Friday as paid holidays.  12 hours of work, 8 hours of vacation, 20 hours of paid leave not coming out of my pocket.  Not bad for one week.  --- I just don't want to hear any comments about being a state employee in a cushy job, k?  My job is NOT taxpayer funded.

The Man and I scooted over to Borders tonight with our 50%-off coupons and each got a book super cheap.  We're about ready for a long couch session with our blankeys and books and tea.  It's totally a snuggly night as the last of the snow disappears.

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