Monday, November 22, 2010

How to Remove Fusible Web from an Iron

Why on earth would I write such a tutorial, you ask?  Experience.  Entirely too much experience earned this weekend.

In addition to plumbing and heating issues (lucky me), I also managed to attempt ironing fusible webbing glue side up.  I only had three pieces to iron, and the first two went perfectly.  The last piece just stuck to the iron something awful.  When I pulled the paper away from the hot iron, all I could see was a velveteen finish of melted glue.

I figured the iron--a nice one, but not an expensive one--was done for.  With Christmas coming up, I wasn't terribly heartbroken, but I really do like the iron I have.  Pfft.

I popped onto the Internet to research solutions to my sticky mess.  One person suggested acetone.  Another person suggested lighter fluid.  Neither option do I own.  I don't wear nail polish and don't play with fire (ha!), so I had to try something I do have.  I started with Goo Gone.  Total and complete failure.  So, covered in greasy orange goo, I let the iron cool completely.  I broke out my handy-dandy razor blade (just a regular straight blade, the rectangle kind with the oval in the middle) and put it at a sharp angle to the iron's surface.  Thankfully I bought a stainless steel iron rather than a teflon one... but would fusible web have stuck to the teflon?  Blah.  I shaved the majority of the glue off the iron lickety-split.  I didn't know what to use for the last little bits, so I figured either rubbing alcohol or vinegar ought to work, right?  At least the iron will be sterile if not still gluey.  I tried vinegar first, and as luck would have it, it worked!  A little white vinegar on an old rag and some elbow grease cleaned 'er right up no problem.

So now you know.  And I know.  And let's just say we're never going to let that happen again, m'kay?

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