Tuesday, November 09, 2010

My First "Real" Quilt is Done!

It's done, it's done!  And I have pictures to prove it!  I finished my first queen-size quilt this weekend in a massive 18-hour push.  I worked all day Saturday and half of Sunday to get it finished, and now it's on our bed, nice and cozy.  As you can see, the primary color selection is purple and green.  I tried to prevent it from becoming too feminine, but that didn't work as well as I'd hoped.  The pattern is a modified log cabin, and I pretty much used strips (though I cut every piece myself using a rotary cutter). I machine stitched everything, and tied the quilt rather than actually quilting it.  My little sewing machine was balking at sewing the top pieces together, so I can't imagine trying to roll up half a queen-size blanket and squeezing it through there.  The back is solid white muslin with no seams.  The border is black with some small dark grey swirls on it.  I even mitered the corners of the border.

I learned a lot on this quilt.  First, even though every quilter tells you this, I have to repeat it since I learned the hard way (again): you must cut and sew every piece accurately.  I also learned what a joy a non-bent sewing needle is... d'oh!  I had much better luck quilting with a real quilting needle and machine quilting thread (mercerized cotton) than with cheaper stuff or a generic needle.  And I learned to respect quilters who actually quilt.  It's not an easy job.

I also learned I will never be able to go back to comforters or blankets on my bed.  It's a quilt or bust for me now... *sigh*

I have a couple other pictures on Picasa if you're interested.

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Anonymous said...

Know what you mean about wanting to finish a quilt once you've started. Mine seem to take a long time - but I hand quilt - but the result is lovely. Can't use a spread other than a quilt either. Congrats on your lovely one.