Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Candied Orange Peels

I made candied orange peels last night out of four of The Man's two-dozen (or more) oranges he got from work for the holidays.  We already gave a bunch of the fruit away, and there's no way he can possibly eat that many before they mold (one already did), so I used them.

Free experiments are the best way to go in my opinion! :)

Mind you, I don't like oranges.  They've always made me feel queasy after I eat them.  I don't like orange juice, nor do I particularly care for most orange-flavored things.  So when I say I'd never peeled an orange before last night, it's really true.  I peeled four oranges, saving the pulp and juice for The Man, and using the pithy rind for the candied oranges.

I sliced the rind into quarter-inch-ish strips.  With several pots of water boiling at once, I blanched the rinds three times.  Yes, three separate times.  That's a lot of boilin' water, folks!  I then stewed the rinds in sugar-water for seventy-five minutes.  Once the rinds were mostly translucent, I drained them and rolled half of the strips in sugar (in little batches).  The other half are waiting for a coating of dark chocolate.

They still have to dry out for another day before they're "done," but early taste tests suggest deliciousness.

Free successful experiments are awesome!  And you know what, I kinda like 'em.

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