Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is Here!

This might sound strange, but part of me feels like Christmas is already over--and I didn't even get one present (not a bad thing).  Last Saturday, my mom's entire family gathered at Grandma's for our annual weekend-before-Christmas-Eve party.  With the exception of my oldest cousin who lives out of state and his family, everyone was there.  I counted about twenty-five people, and we had more than enough yummy food for all.

I slaved away Friday making baked rice and peppernuts.  Baked rice is fairly easy: stirring in the custard ingredients without scrambling the eggs is just about the hardest part.  Peppernuts take forever, but they were very "worth it."  Just please, nobody tell my grandma that I used Crisco instead of lard... I'm not about to go hunt down lard when I have perfectly good Crisco in the fridge already.  Yes, they tasted a little bit different, but my arteries are thankful.

Though we did have to stand for the requisite "cousins picture" with all of us lined up by age, we did not have to stand for family pictures or stand-in-order-by-shoe-size pictures or the dreaded whole-family picture.  I'm also happy nobody made me play the piano this year since I haven't even been able to touch a keyboard in over a year (sad!!!).

I was able to sit down and actually talk with all of my cousins, which was very, very nice.  One of them is headed south to warmer weather, one is busy with two young boys, and so on... we are all growing up and moving on with our lives.  It was nice to be able to be with them all this (last?) time.

But I gotta say, when I walked home to my own apartment where it was quiet and cool and I could flop on the couch and really spread out, that was nice too.  I was satisfied.  I feel like I had my Christmas already.

Not that I'm not looking forward to more Christmas, of course! :)

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