Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Dear Pasta Sauce Makers

Hi Pasta Sauce People,

I have a little request from those of us anti-tomato.  Will you please make one variety of pasta sauce called "No Chunks."  Some of us love tomato sauce without discernible tomato pieces.  I don't want to see seeds or skin or flesh or anything other than smooth pureed sauce.  Meat chunks are okay, and I'm even okay with olives or onion chunks, just no tomatoes.  Maybe call it "No Chunks--Except for the Meat."

I respect that people have different tastes.  I respect that it might be easier to market to the majority that likes tomato chunks in their sauce.  What about one small line of sauces that are smoother?  They make smoother applesauce and chunky applesauce... why not tomato sauce?  Pulp-free orange juice... how about skin-free tomato sauce?  It can't be that hard or expensive to make.  I can make it at home, but it takes me a long time and isn't nearly as easy as opening a lovely jar.

It would make me very happy, nice Pasta Sauce People.  No chunks.  Try it sometime.



Jules said...

Have you tried the Rinaldi brand?

Jaggy said...

No, not yet. We just might have to try that brand soon.