Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Gosh and By Golly!

I've been fighting a lot this week, but in a good way (mostly).  I've saved myself a bit of money in the process, too!  Between AT&T, my apartment complex, my health insurance company, and The Man's student loans, we saved (or prevented having to pay) over $400.  Because apparently people don't know how to do math.

Let's start with the apartment complex.  They're nice people, and they've done a great job since we moved in.  I've kept a good ledger showing what we've paid and when, so when we got an overdue notice for $14.50, I was shocked.  The amount wasn't awful, but what on earth did we forget to pay?  So I called them.  I explained that I paid all of our rent on time and that they have a problem.  We receive a credit on our rent each month due to my place of employment (yay!), so I told them they were overcharging us.  In the end, they figured out they forgot to give us our rent credit for September--yes, three months ago, and we're just hearing about it.  We were issued the credit and all is well.

AT&T was a nightmare to deal with tonight.  My phone has been fritzy lately due to the battery.  Sometimes the battery doesn't seat correctly, and it almost never holds a charge more than a day now.  I finally went into the store to get it looked at while it's still under warranty.  The very nice (read: slimeball) salesman I spoke to first informed me that my "very outdated" phone would need to be replaced with a brand new phone and wouldn't I love to have an iPhone?  I got the phone less than a year ago.  They not only no longer carry the phone, but they don't have accessories or batteries for that phone anymore either.  Since I'm not eligible for an upgrade until mid-to-late 2011, he told me I'd have to pay full price for a new phone.  No. Freakin'. Way.  He directed me over to a very nice "sweetheart" of a girl behind a counter to assist me in my new purchase.  When I explained to her my problem, she told me the guy was full of $#@! and that she could get me a replacement battery since my phone was still under warranty.  A phone call later, and a new battery will be shipped to me at no cost next week.  If the battery doesn't work, they'll send me a replacement phone (same model) at no cost to me.  Is it too much to ask for a working phone?


I got a bill in the mail earlier this week indicating I had not paid some $202 for my endoscopy pathology last August.  I was dumbfounded that I hadn't paid some huge bill--granted, I'd never even seen a bill like that or from that company ever, but if I didn't pay right away, they were going to send me to collections.  Like Hell!  I got on the phone yesterday with my health insurance company (which was surprisingly nice and easy to work with...).  They conference-called the pathology service and informed them they keep double-billing me for one procedure.  The pathology people said they never received the insurance company's portion of the bill, so they were sending the full amount to me.  But then they discovered they'd created two accounts for me and that the two accounts were exactly the same, except one was paid and one was not.  So I don't have to pay the bill.


The Man has been paying his student loan off on one payment type called "income contingent."  I pay mine on the "standard plan."  He pays based on what we earn, and I just pay the same flat rate every month for the life of the loan.  Neither of us are interested in paying off the loans super fast since we get a huge tax credit back for our student loan interest, plus it's not bad debt.  However, with us both working, his "income contingent" rate has him paying way more than the "standard plan," so if we switch over (which is allowed with no penalty), we end up saving ourselves over $100/month.  And we won't be paying as much interest.  And we will pay the loan off in the same amount of time.  Yeah, not sure how that works, but we are both happy about it.

Just wait until tomorrow.  The story gets better: I have a real humdinger for ya!


Dr. Weirdbeard said...

I don't know if it applies to you guys, but I was able to consolidate my loans and lower the interest rate.

Anonymous said...

Isn't life fun?