Tuesday, December 21, 2010

I need another job...

The Man and I have been floating around a few ideas of things we'd like to purchase or upgrade.  We both are dying for a digital piano, but I'm holding out for a weighted keyboard (not some cheap $100 keyboard but one that feels right).  Since he got a new laptop, I have seen my geriatric Vista machine throw in the towel.  Four years old is old enough in computer land... but do I want another desktop or a laptop?  And then!  Last night, I went to a local sew-vac store to get some new feet for my sewing machine.  The nice lady there more than sold me on the necessity of a machine that thinks for me.  It's not one of those does-everything-including-cooking machines either, just a really nice machine with thirty or so stitches.  It doesn't even do embroidery.  And then the lady went so far as to tell me my little Huskystar is junk and will probably break the third time I use it (it didn't).  Way to discredit a potential client...  I was not very impressed by her.  Every one of the things we want is about $1000.  Ugh.  I'm going to have to wait a while, maybe on the piano at least until we get our tax return.  If we get anything back... *crosses fingers*

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