Thursday, December 16, 2010

It's About Time

My neighbors finally moved their garbage from near the front door to an actual trash bin.  Two weeks.  I went out one day earlier this week to find a wad of slugs near the top of a plastic pop bottle.  I pretty much wanted to hurl right then and there.  I have seen rodent droppings in our porch alcove, so I know the critters are around and healthy.  I sweep our side of the entry area often.

Seriously, disgusting.  If they hadn't moved it by tomorrow, I would have called to complain.  The neighbors upstairs above them have also taken to leaving their trash right outside their door.  It's impossible for me to go home and not see trash bags.

This isn't going to happen again.


Jennifer said...

Fancy seeing you this evening! Do you live in the area?!

Jaggy said...

Hi, yeah! No, we are in OSU-ville, but The Man's family lives up there. We were with them watching that church group perform at the old theater. We go up there all the time (mean that in a good way).

Are you and D living/working up there?

Jennifer said...

We should get together and have dinner sometime. We moved there recently. (Daniel works in OSU-ville and I am still in school in P-Town so we moved half way between). I would love to see your quilt and show you mine!