Thursday, December 02, 2010

It's Mine, You Can't Have It

I signed The Man and myself up for life insurance in the coming year.  We have a few little things that we need to have covered should anything happen to either one of us, plus it's nice to know our funerals will be paid for or something like that.  I did the whole "open enrollment" thing this October without a problem, so I was very surprised to see that our life insurance was left off the list when I got my paper summary this week.  Grrr!

I called the life insurance company and was greeted by a non-native English speaker.  Beautiful.  "Good afternoon, ma'am, may I have your Social Security number?"  So I'm sitting there at my desk in my office surrounded by people, and I am pretty protective of that particular number regardless of how kind my coworkers might be.  I told him no, you may not have my Social Security number, is there another number I can give you?  He got very testy with me and made a point to be snotty, "Well I need that number otherwise I can't do anything."

To which I replied, "Please don't take that tone with me.  My Social Security number is not to be used by anyone except the IRS as a means of identification.  You can't have that number."

He became insistent, so I hung up.  No sense beating a dead horse.  I then called up my human resources representative to confirm my benefits were all active, and she asked for a number too.  She asked for my employee ID number.  I gave it to her readily!  I heard some clicking and typing and was told that everything was fine, I just needed to fill out two more forms and everything would be fine.  No SSN, no snotty tone, no other questions, just kindness and answers.

I'm not giving that number out if I don't have to, and I don't think that's an unrealistic expectation.  The "last four" or the "first two" or something like that doesn't bother me, but the whole SSN?  No way.  Just the government forms, that's it.  It's my number, and you can't have it.

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