Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Plant Deux

I finally did it: I bought a plant.

Some of you may remember waaaaay back when I had my first plant.  When I moved out into my own apartment in 2007, I bought myself a housewarming gift.  I got a little lucky bamboo plant.  I watered it carefully and gave it light every so often.  It survived for about a year before it started looking a bit wimpy.  I decided to fertilize it, but apparently I misjudged the amount of fertilizer because the plant turned yellow and brown within forty-eight hours.  Something tells me I burned the crap outta that poor plant.

I've been plant-less for several years, and I've had my eyes and ears open to the possibility of getting another plant.  I wanted an "idiot-proof" plant (because apparently that lucky bamboo stuff that was supposed to be indestructible wasn't).  I researched online and talked to people.  I scoped out different areas in our apartment we could keep a plant now that I finally have a south-facing window.  When the blinds are closed (99% of the time), our apartment is super dark inside, so I needed to get a shade-tolerant plant.

The Man and I were at Safeway shopping one day (because that's what you do at Safeway...) and I noticed the weirdest looking plants.  They were called a "Zygo Cactus."  Never heard of one of those before.  I did some digging when I got home and found out it's really just a Christmas cactus.  Aha!

Mom had a Christmas cactus years ago that bloomed white flowers once a year.  It only needed to be watered once a week or less, and it pretty much did nothing between the once-each-year blooming period.  Sort of a green spiny bump in a pot.  And they don't really need much sunlight.  Perfect!

Then this weekend, Mom showed me her most recent Christmas cactus.  How she got it isn't as important as the condition in which it was received.  It was dead.  Like no-water-in-six-months dead.  Like spines falling off, no blooms in sight, dirt dried to a crisp dead.  She watered it and fertilized it a bit and within just a few days it perked back up and has blooms on it already.  It's a pretty little cactus with pink blossoms.

If a plant can go six months without light or water and still manage to come back from the brink, that's my kind of plant!  So I bought myself a little 4" potted Christmas cactus with red blossoms.

We're up to day three and it still looks good.  Jaggy 1, Plant 0.

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