Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The Plant Saga Continues

I think I killed it.  Three weeks old, and it's a goner.

I would have been fine had the plant not started smelling weird, but stinky plants have got to go.  I watered it diligently--but not too often.  I kept it in moderate light.  I did everything right including pulling off the dead flowers.  But it smelled weird.  So I put it outside to air out.  And then the temperature dropped and I sort of forgot about it for four days.  And now the lil' guy is knocking on death's door.

If it's not stinking up a storm, I might bring it back in tonight to see if it perks up without any flowers (maybe they were smelling).  If it doesn't look better or smell better within a week, it's getting a new home.

Hey Mom, need another dead houseplant to revive? ;)

1 comment:

cm0978 said...

As long as it's not the plant called The Mother-in-Law Plant, I'm okay with you killing a plant by accident.