Thursday, December 09, 2010

Take Your Trash Out

How would you feel if your neighbors left their trash outside their front door every day?  I'm not talking a huge pile or anything, just two or three small white trash bags and maybe one or two doggy doo-doo bags from their huge-normous pet.  Right outside their door.  And their door just happened to be six feet from your door.  Because you live in an apartment complex.

Welcome to my world.

Our neighbors always have some sort of crap outside their door--literally.  Right now it's a huge bag of recycling that has been there for a week.  Our neighbors are not ill or infirm, nor are they particularly old.  They're younger than 40 and well enough to drive fancy cars and have a nice apartment and both work jobs.  But they have issues getting their trash to the big dumpsters.

I'll admit the dumpsters are quite a distance.  We're talking a good thirty yards away.  For those bad at math, that's about 100 feet (including the little porch, the area in front of the trash can, and accounting for an elevation change of about a half-inch).  If each step is 24",  that's about fifty paces to the nearest dumpsters.  Call it sixty if the steps are short due to the weight of lugging heavy garbage. 

Every time I go outside, I see their trash.  Part of me wants to shout at them and tell them to take it to the dumpster like every other well-behaved citizen.  Part of me wants to just take it to the dumpster to get it out of my way.  And part of me wants to report them to the management office for littering or improper waste disposal or something.

What would you do if you had to see garbage every time you walked out your front door?


whit-o-roni said...

dog poop is a biohazard and bad for your health. you should complain.

cm0978 said...

Light it on fire? The Man would gladly help with that task, I'm sure.

Dr. Weirdbeard said...

You can complain and it should be a concern of the management because it encourages rodents, etc. It's a health hazard. If you don't get any traction you can look up renter's rights on what to do next.