Friday, July 30, 2010


And now for something non-medical! Yeah, I know, I'm a mess this week.

It's like Christmas and our birthdays and every other holiday rolled into one here at Chez Jaggy. The Man's shiny new laptop arrived at lunch today when I happened to be home for lunch. He's very lucky I was able to catch the UPS man/woman (can't really tell with ours) and sign for it, otherwise he'd have to wait until next week.

The new laptop has 6x the memory and 4x the hard drive compared to his ancient dinosaur of a laptop. He now has a full HD screen, a 10-key pad built in, and Windows 7 (versus XP/SP2). He's seriously stepping up in the world. His old laptop isn't actually that bad--still runs well, but the hardware is old. I figure his old laptop is probably on par with my desktop from 2006 aside from my 300GB hard drive.

And it feels like Christmas to me, too, since he said I could use his old laptop for my couch surfing! No sense getting rid of it anytime soon if it works. I'll still keep my ancient desktop for most purposes, photo editing primarily, but I can finally have it turned off most of the time rather than leaving it running.

I think we can drop some new memory into the old laptop, do some hard drive wiping and reinstalling, and get it running pretty fast again. The screen is still nice, and the case looks good with very few scratches. Can't really complain aside from some noisy fans. It should get me to the internet and maybe even play a game or two.

Yeah, yeah, Chips Challenge, here I come!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Get it OUT!

It's Thursday already, not that I'm complaining mind you. I have had a rough, painful week. Thankfully my stupid ingrown toenail corrected itself and is no longer red or hurting. Perhaps I nicked the side just a smidge too short cutting them last weekend, and the nail was digging in a bit as it grew out.

Meanwhile, with that problem resolved, I've been having some odd pains between my belly button and rib cage. They've been wonky and on and off since I had my constipation episode a few weeks ago. The last couple days have been particularly painful, so I opted to spend Wednesday's lunch hour at Immediate Care.

I hate Immediate Care.

I arrived at 12:15pm for what I was hoping would be a quick in-and-out exam. The waiting room only had three or four people in it. No big deal right? An hour and a half later, I was still sitting in the same chair in the same waiting room with the same people. A little after 1:30, the know-nothing nurse ("medical assistant"--psssh) showed me into the exam room where I promptly waited another fifteen minutes for the doctor to show up. During this wait, I had the pleasure of a man's chorus line as his body played herky-jerky with his stomach acid. Let's just say it was a good thing I had skipped lunch. Finally, around 2:00, the doctor arrived to examine me. I presented with vague symptoms, no temperature, no obvious malady, so he did a perfunctory physical including testing my patellar reflexes (the pain is in my upper abdomen, moron!). He humored my concern by offering to draw some blood for some labs. Yay. Nearing 3:00, the phlebotomist entered the room equipped with what I have to imagine was a full arsenal of sharp, painful weapons. She tapped out my veins, wrapped me with a hose, and jammed a needle into one arm and out the other ear. Vial upon vial of blood later, I was queasy, in pain, and not very pleased. "Oh, did that hurt?" *death stare* I finally got to go home at 3:15. Three hours for two pokes, a blood draw, and time to pee in a cup. I could have done all of that in fifteen freakin' minutes!

My lab tests all came back normal with only my total protein and globulin counts were ever-so-slightly elevated (typically inflammation signs). I went home, had pizza for dinner, and watched a movie with my husband. While we were watching the movie, my guts started burning and hurting and getting really angry. I called my mother after the movie and chatted with her a bit. She reminded me that she had her gall bladder removed just after I was born, and she tipped me off to the fact that my guts ached after greasy food. I haven't been tolerating greasy food or fatty food for quite a while. The centralized pain is typical of gallstones or gall bladder problems.

I hate the fact that the doctor didn't even think of that, given my written family history he had access to (my mom went to that same hospital to have me, to have her surgery, and for most of her life). I may have presented atypically, but after having talked to a nurse hotline, my mother, and a friend, we're all pretty sure it's the gall bladder.  I have an appointment next week with my regular doctor for follow-up.

Monday, July 26, 2010

It's just one stupid malady after another!

I swear, as soon as I get one medical oddity cleared up something else comes along.  My bowel issues have "flushed" themselves out, thankfully.  Everything is moving along nicely.  I have been really careful to drink more water (a large pitcher every day) and eat a balanced diet.  An apple a day, indeed!

Meanwhile, I've developed an ingrown toenail on my right second toe.  It hurts.  I'm going to soak it tonight and keep it elevated as much as I can.  My shoes are anything but tight--and I have plenty of toe wiggle room in all of my shoes.  I cut my nails straight across (except for the big toe which has to be curved or I risk bloodying the backs of my heels when I walk).  I don't know what else I may have done to cause it... sometimes they just happen from what I've read.

I am just trying to be thankful (through the pain) that all of my ailments thus far have been transient and easily remedied.  UTIs, bowel issues, ingrown toenails, migraines...

But dammit, they're all really painful!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Lunch Bunch

I was thinking last night after I blogged about my childhood lunches.  This isn't exactly a subject worth dwelling on, but I did stop and think about it for a bit.  I was surprised at how little my lunches have changed over the years, yet I was really surprised to find what passes for lunch these days in public schools.  Not to be all "golden days" on you, but I don't think lunches are headed in the right direction.

As I posted yesterday, my lunches were always homemade.  I never ate hot lunch.  There was always a whole sandwich (90% peanut butter and jelly, the rare cheese or turkey), some kind of crunchy food--usually crackers or Doritos, and a sweet.  I took a lunchpail through grade school and used brown lunch bags through high school.  My lunches weren't "healthy" by any means, but they were filling.  I've never had a weight problem, so I guess my lunches couldn't have been too bad, right?

When I was in high school, the district contracted with Pizza Hut to bring in pizzas for lunches each day.  Students lined up in rows for the pizza instead of the other options.  I certainly enjoy pizza, but I never did buy any of that crappy lukewarm stuff.  I'm told that the pizza idea is in grade schools now.  Having watched Jamie Oliver's Food Revolution, I saw kids drinking huge bottles of sugary chocolate and strawberry milk every day, sometimes twice a day.  The quality of food is appalling, too.  Fake chicken nuggets, fake meat in sandwiches, *shudder.*

What happened to the little half-pints of milk?  Mom sent me with a quarter on Fridays so I could get chocolate milk in grade school.  Chocolate milk was only set out on Fridays, not every day.  Strawberry milk?  Are you kidding me?  And 20oz containers!?  A half-pint of 2% white or 2% chocolate, that was it.  And we survived.

But now I'm a big person--whether I like it or not. When I go home for lunch every day, I either make a sandwich or reheat leftovers.  Rare is the lunch out on the town.  I could take lunch with me to work, but being able to go home and unwind for forty minutes really saves my sanity sometimes, so I suffer the 7-minute drive.  I still love PB&J, enjoy the special treats like string cheese and homemade cookies, and keep a stash of crackers that I try to squeeze out until Friday.

I miss those little half-pints of sticky chocolate milk...

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Karma Anyone?

Have you ever had a moment where all those scoldings your mother gave you sank in at the same time and made sense? I had one of those in the last couple weeks. All I have to say is, "dammit, my mother was right."

I remember growing up and having to make my own lunch every day. Don't worry, no whining about having to make my own lunch (though I distinctly remember Mom making my sister's lunch in high school and college far more than she ever made mine). I had help when I was really small, but by second or third grade, I pretty much made my lunch myself and took it every day. I never had hot lunch. Ever.

Mom would buy things for us to pack easily in our lunches like pretzels or Handi-Snacks. We had a sandwich or bagel every day. Sometimes we would get pudding cups or string cheese. She usually had chips and crackers around for us. Mom and Dad always had fruit for us to eat--as if they were hinting at us to take some in our lunches, haha! Grapes made an appearance in my little red Mickey Mouse lunchbox more than once without my having added it. And there were always cookies... until about Wednesday each week.

I can hear my mother now, "What happened to the Oreos I bought!?"
The usual reply, "We took them in our lunches."
Mom's appalled response, "What, ten cookies per lunch?"

She tried to slow down the cookie destruction by doling them out like treasured gems. We could take a Little Debbie brownie half or a single Swiss Cake Roll (that's a Ho-Ho to you east coasters) instead of a 2-pack. The so-incredibly-rare Pop Tart pack got divided between us. She tried to make the sweets last all week, but I have to say it was a losing battle.

Fast-forward to 2010: I'm married to the cookie-inhalation expert and manage to have time to bake cookies nearly every week. I prefer homemade to store-made, and the cost is about the same, so why not make them myself? Oh, yeah, because I only get to eat about 1/10th of them.

There was once an incident with my first-ever batch of snickerdoodles as a married woman. Either The Man had never had warm, super-soft snickerdoodles before... or mine were particularly tasty (they are!)... but he had eight--count them, eight--fresh cookies on a plate before I could even turn around to scold him. So much for a 3-dozen batch.

Certain cookies seem to last longer than others. The oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, while delicious, are our standard so they tend to not be as exciting to devour. I made some chocolate crinkles last night and only have about half of them remaining tonight. Toll House cookies? Forget about it. I have learned to save the time and leavening agents and just feed The Man dough.

I hear myself asking the question in my head, "What happened to the cookies I just made!? Dammit, my mother was right!"

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching Up in a Flurry

One of the downfalls to not being glued to Facebook every six seconds is that I am not at my computer as much to blog. I still think about blog posts and write things down in my head, but I just don't spend my evenings clicking away anymore. The good news is that I'm actually living life, whether I'm cooking more or spending more time with people. The bad news is that I don't post as often.

I was not feeling well on Sunday after being in the sun and eating way too many sweets Saturday. I tried to get a little done, and I succeeded in getting the necessary laundry done (thankfully), but I did almost nothing else. I didn't even cook beyond throwing chicken in the crock pot and rice in the cooker. Not exactly slaving away in the kitchen (but sooo yummy!).

Yesterday was busier after working all day. I caught up on paperwork, did a bit of reorganizing in the kitchen, and even had time to watch a bit of TV--and fall asleep about ten seconds later.

Tonight will be a busy night, too. My sister is coming over to help me emboss her wedding shower invitations. I have plans to bake cookies and throw a baked ziti dish in the oven soon (cookies, of course, being the priority). Not to mention vacuuming, dusting, and more laundry...

Just letting you know I'm still around and working hard. Married life is so much more busy--not to mention complicated--than single life, that's for sure.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Dessert Overload

Where have I been the last two days?  In the kitchen!

Every year, The Man's family gets together in Hubbard for the Hop Festival and a huuuuuge family picnic (sixty people?) at his aunt and uncle's house there.  We went up today to watch the parade in the morning and then have burgers and hot dogs for lunch. In the mid-afternoon, we had dessert until we could eat no more.  I don't even want to look at a sweet, not because of my girly figure or anything, just because I'm sweet treated out.

The main event for the family gathering is the dessert contest.  Some of you may remember that I tied for first place last year, my first entry ever in a contest.  I didn't expect to even place, and I got first!  I set out determined out out-do myself this year, not as a sort of competition to beat others, mostly as a contest to beat myself.  Because I can do better than last year's 'nilla wafer-peppermint patty-frosting-mini-burger thingy.

I planned for weeks.  I schemed and doodled and had dreams about this dessert concoction.  Since the contest is judged on looks only, I didn't have to make the treats taste good, but I still wanted them to be edible.  Pssh, it's not a dessert if you can't eat it, right?  My final design was supposed to be ice cream cones made from rice cereal treats and melty chocolates with sprinkles on top.  For the life of me, I could not scrounge up an ice cream cone shaped cookie cutter to punch the shapes out of the rice cereal treats.  Using my imagination, some extra squeezing, and a "not what I intended, but that's not bad" attitude, I used an upside-down snowman cookie cutter to make the ice cream cones.  They looked pretty good.  Not good, just pretty good.  After applying the melty chocolates, I put a few sprinkles on top.  The effect was as much as I could do for my dessert.  (Taste-wise, they were overpoweringly sweet.  Rice cereal treats are fine just the way they are--or with a smidge of peanut butter added to the recipe--yum!)

On a completely different note, I will be making my sister's wedding shower cake in a few weeks, and I needed to do a practice cake to see if I could get the hot air balloon shape the way I wanted it.  I also needed  to see how fondant works on my own cakes, so I bought some pre-made fondant and rolled it out to cover the cake.  I used a box mix confetti cake for the inside (Pillsbury is WAY better than Betty Crocker) and made my own buttercream frosting for the crumb coat.  I don't like the taste of fondant, so I made sure to make a thick layer of buttercream on top (normal thickness for a cake, just a super thick crumb coat for you baker types).  The fondant was an interesting experience.  Honestly, it feels like cheating to decorate with fondant.  It's way too easy to slap some fondant on a cake and make it pretty.  Piping takes skill and time to do well.  Fondant was ho-hum by comparison.

So I had all of my ice cream cone treats and a whole cake in our apartment, two huge desserts we didn't need to eat.  I opted to take them both up to the picnic, one to enter in the contest and one to simply have people eat.  When we got all settled, however, The Man's aunt told me to just put The Man's name on the hot air balloon cake and say that he entered it.  I put my name on the ice cream treats.

And you know what?  "His" cake took first place.  The Man won a prize.  His father took second place with a berry cobbler.  A super cute "piggy" cake took third.  My ice cream treats didn't even place!

That brings a whole new meaning to the phrase, "losing is such sweet sorrow."

Thursday, July 15, 2010

The A/C Bubble Popping Resolution

Quoting our apartment complex manager's assistant's e-mail to me (because he couldn't or wouldn't take care of this himself?):

"It appears that you can misconstrue the e-mail I sent. I should have been more clear, putting plus, not and in my sentence when explaining the charges. Because of this miscommunication, we will not charge you for the parts."

First, YAY for not having to pay more that we were originally told!  In Skunk's words, "There is justice in the world."  The Man and I are both pleased with the overall outcome.  We're glad the complex was able to see our side of the story and realized their error.

Second, I'm not sure having plus instead of and solves anything.  I still read '$40 for parts and labor' the same as '$40 for parts plus labor.'  In fact, I read the second one as even more concrete in inclusiveness.  The complex should rewrite their statement to read "$40 for labor, plus the cost of any additional parts necessary to complete the job."  Those darn commas sure do add up fast.

The Man and I learned our lesson about contracts with our wedding photography, so I felt pretty confident in our e-mail from the apartment complex as binding.  Nothing bursts my bubble more than having something in writing and then having to renegotiate after the fact.

At least this saga is over, and for once the little guys didn't get stomped on.  Justice indeed!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Well that Bursts the Air Conditioning Bubble

I've never had a problem with my apartment complex.  Aside from the typical living-in-close-proximity noises, I've never even had a problem with noisy neighbors.  We don't hear appliances running, water running, even people running unless the windows are open.  It's a beautiful complex with great amenities and a nice location.  Other than price, there hasn't be a single thing to complain about that can't be easily fixed (stupid washing machine for one example).

About a month ago, The Man and I bought a window-type air conditioner with the knowledge that our apartment complex would install it.  We bought a mounting bracket as well.  I contacted the management office via e-mail to have it installed at the maintenance guy's earliest convenience.  They told me parts and labor would be $40.  A little steep, I thought, but well worth it for the cool breeze when it gets hot outside.  I included the $40 with our rent payment with a clear note indicating such a payment.

Late last week, we received a bill for $32 (and change) for parts for installing our air conditioner.  The Man and I talked it over, and we're a little indignant.  We bought the correct bracket for our unit and had it sitting on top of the air conditioner when the maintenance guy came to install it.  We expected him to have to purchase some plexiglass to go over the unit, but we thought that was included in the $40 original fee.

I made the dreaded phone call to the management office today.  The office just happens to only be open 8-12 and 1-5, the exact hours normal people work, so it's impossible for me to see them in person without taking time off.  After being transferred to the manager, I politely described the situation.  He told me the $40 was for labor only and that the $32 covered parts.  When I told him that I was quoted $40 for parts and labor, he tried to wiggle and explain how necessary the plexiglass is to make an AC function correctly.  Uh, hello?  I get that.  Doesn't mean I should have to pay for it given that I was quoted a lesser amount.

We have the receipt showing the date we purchased the mounting bracket as proof that we had it before they installed it.  Additionally, I have the e-mail between the office and myself saying, "We will have [the maintenance guy] come and install your AC, but there is a charge. We charge $40.00 for [his] time and the parts (plexyglass) to fit in the window."  While I realize the odds of us actually having to pay for parts is pretty high--and thankfully we can afford it, but I feel strongly that we shouldn't have to do so.

What would you do if you were me?

Monday, July 12, 2010

Projects Here and There and Everywhere

Friday night was busy with quilting.  I have all of my 1/8th-inch ribbons sewn onto my quilt.  Now I just have to do the 1/4-inch ribbons between the major color blocks and bind it.  Once the quilt is bound, I think I might embroider the black edges by hand.  I'm feeling very comfortable with embroidery now that I've done three tea towels with various stitches, so once the last two are done there, I'll wrap up the quilt project.  Hopefully by Christmas...

Saturday was busy as well.  I went to Albany to see my parents really fast and drop off some picture frames Mom had me fill for her.  Then I hopped over to my sister's apartment to help her run some errands and work on her wedding invitations.  We had a fantastic lunch out for Mexican food--one food type The Man doesn't appreciate as much as I do, so I indulged.

I was industrious Saturday evening after Mass: we went grocery shopping for the week, showered, caught up with a college roommate on the phone, hand-scrubbed the vinyl floors (yeah, my arms hurt afterward), and finally crashed about 10pm.

Sunday was less crazy and much more relaxing.  The Man's aunt and uncle came down to visit us for a while.  We had a nice chat.  After they left, I folded myself into the couch for several hours.

Somewhere in all the errands this weekend, I got on the hunt for a certain shape of cookie cutter.  I've been to Michael's, Bi-Mart, K-Mart, BBB, and The Inkwell so far... maybe Freddies will have some seasonal ones.  It's an odd shape, and I suppose I could use a knife, but I'd rather not.  Grrr.  I can't share the shape as I am using it for my dessert this coming weekend for The Man's family's annual dessert contest.

Tonight includes a search for a stamp, some velcro, and some sort of bagging or cup-like device for my treats.  The stamp is not for the treats.  The stamp is for a different project.  The velcro is for yet another project.

Are you sensing the trend in my life? :)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Netflix Redux

The Man and I discussed our options when it came to movies, and we decided to join Netflix.  I forget if I had Netflix or Blockbuster when I was in college, but that worked really well then.  The Man and I had previously been using the instant-watch feature on his mother's account, so we were getting plenty of movies, but none of them were remotely new.  For less than $15/month, we can each rent one movie at a time.  We have our own lists even!  If it takes one day for the movie to get to us, a day to get around to watching the movie, and a day to send it back, that's a three-day cycle.  We'll each be able to rent a maximum total of ten movies a month, or twenty between us, over the course of a month.  Plus we'll have our own lists to maintain, which means a much wider variety than that offered by Redbox for less money.  Not to mention access to all of the instant-watch movies we want--on his half of the account (which is lame, Netflix, lame).

I figure if we get half of the ten movies each, say ten total movies a month, that's $1.50 each.  If we watch any TV shows or other instant-watch movies, we're still getting a better deal than Redbox with a much greater selection and not having to drive to the darn Redboxes.

I'm considering getting rid of our cable service entirely when we run out of our promotional period.  Then I'll be rid of the evil Comcast nightmares forever! Muahahaha!  Not that I particularly enjoy Netflix more than Comcast, but at least my arm doesn't hurt when I pay $15 to Netflix in the same way it aches handing $32 (including freakin' taxes--in Oregon no less) to the Xfinity/Comcast monster.

Maybe we'll put our $17 savings using Netflix instead of cable toward new cars... *dream*

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Fahrenheit Makes So Much More Sense Now

The air conditioner has seen its first real use in our apartment.  I would probably count that purchase as one of the top five best purchases for our second-floor home.  We're enjoying the cool breeze and not having to swelter in the 95-plus interior temperatures like last summer!

You know, I never realized how much more sense the Fahrenheit temperature scale makes sense for every-day use.  Sure, Centigrade is fine for science and boiling water and all that, but when I was thinking about it, Fahrenheit makes more sense to me.  See, if it's 0 degrees outside, it's really, really cold.  And if it's 100 degrees outside, it's really really hot.  And if it's 50-flat, it's just fine by me.  40 isn't so bad.  70 isn't so bad.  The extremes are not as much fun.  But with Celsius, Centigrade, whatever, 5 is cold and 40 is really, really hot.  Anything over 40 is scorching, literally.

Now that just doesn't make any sense.

And this from a science major, too!

Monday, July 05, 2010

Independence Picnic

The Man and I had a fantastic afternoon with our parents and siblings yesterday.  The eight of us went to the William L. Finley National Wildlife Refuge and had a picnic under some shady trees before going on a long walk.  It seems everyone had a nice time.

We were able to take some good family photographs as well as see some beautiful landscapes.  I was particularly surprised that so few people were at the refuge on a holiday weekend: there are dozens of very nice picnicking locations.  Though there were no birds of "importance" to see, we did encounter a couple deer, a snake or two, dragonflies, a heron, and a few buzzy insects that left us alone.

The refuge was just a few miles off the beaten path, but it felt like a good breath of fresh air.  With good conversation, tasty food, and a great walk under our belts, we parted ways and ventured to our various homes.

'Twas a nice, nay, beautiful day.

Saturday, July 03, 2010

I Don't Do Purses: Part II

I previously ranted about my dislike of all things purse-y.  I hate carrying them, slinging them over my shoulder, and having to care for them.  I hate not being able to find what I need when I need it.  I hate not being able to carry as much as I want.  Purses and I have a long history of not getting along.

For my everyday bag, I converted to a Timbuk2 medium classic messenger bag after college (where Eddie Bauer backpacks were my mainstay going on pretty much 6th through 12th grades).  It was a big deal to me to spend $140 on a bag.  I ventured forth, however, and bought the bag due to the ballistic nylon exterior, the waterproof liner, the many pockets inside, and the clean professional outside.  And I have used that bag every day since 2006.  It's big enough to carry my little camera (not the new one, though it would fit), my entire lunch including a drink, a pad of paper, my wallet, keys, and plenty of other necessities.  It's also small enough that I can carry it into stores without much problem.

But sometimes I just need to go to the store and don't want to lug my messenger bag with me.  I don't need a camera or lunch or anything but my wallet.  With my cell phone in one pocket and always-always-always present Chap Stick and nail clippers in the other pocket, I have to put my wallet in a back pocket like a dude.  This was fine when I was ten years old, but now it just makes my butt look big.

I'm no longer okay with that.

So the month of June was Jaggy's Wallet-not-a-Purse-Hunt.  I looked at leather wallets, tiny strappy pointless feminine wallets, trendy wallets, and wallets that double as coolers.  Seriously, there is some weird stuff out there.  I don't enjoy shopping, and I don't like being in the wallet/purse section, so this was a challenge for me. 

My sister showed me a couple of her wallets, and one of them caught my eye.  She's much more experienced in the ways of Purse Land.  She has been using products from Vera Bradley for many years, and I knew they made bags--nay, purse-y purses.  I didn't know they made wallets, too.  So when she showed me, I was intrigued.  Plenty of room for plastic cards, paper money, a coin pocket, and a little extra space, but that's it.  Just enough.  And it fits under my arm so I don't have to worry about the strappy crap.  No more pocket bulges.  No more needing my entire bag with me.

Though I spent much more than I ordinarily would have on something like a wallet, I'm pleased with the vibrant color and apparently durable construction (we'll see).  Of course, now I don't have much money to put in the darn thing, but we'll get there eventually. :)

Friday, July 02, 2010

Output Failure

There are a few lines I dare not cross on my blog: sex, drugs, and politics most often not showing up here.  And while I'll talk about my own experiences, I really do try not to push religion.  But I consider my blog a sort of record of my life, a timeline of events and goings-on that are important to note.  I try to blog about my my experience as a human: the good, the not-so-good, and the traumatic.

This week falls under not-so-good.  And it's one of those not-for-public subjects that I'm going to blow wide open.  Delicately.  I hope.

You see, it all started with cheese.  Sometimes cheese and I get along.  Other times it causes me grief.  Last week caused me much grief of the quick-moving variety.  Eeew.  So to combat the looseygoosies, I chose to eat a low-fiber diet all weekend.  Bread, white rice, potatoes, and bananas.  By Tuesday of this week, I realized I hadn't had any output of these low-fiber foods.  And my gut felt really full even though I was hungry.  I called the nurse hotline provided by my health insurance group.  Nurse Jim informed me that I could give myself an enema.  Haha, I thought, no way.  He suggested some Miralax and a long walk.  So Wednesday afternoon--after a good movement finally--I took the Miralax.

Dear reader, forget anything you've seen in the movies about products that relieve constipation.  I was expecting to have looseygoosies for days.  I was foreseeing all manner of awful things happening to my poor body.  The movies are very, very wrong.

By Thursday I was in pain.  Cramping, bloating, aching, radiating pain, throbbing pain with the gurgliest tummy ever.  I'd had another good movement, but I hurt.  I felt full.  I called the nurse hotline again and asked if I should go to the doctor.  The nice nurse said no, to just call the on-call doctor and not go in yet.  So I called the on-call doctor and described my symptoms in all of their glory.  She told me to sit tight and wait.

So I waited.

And waited.

And finally had a good movement again today.

That's about every other day for the week, a little less than average I'd say, but still within the "healthy" range.  I feel full, but I am no longer in pain or cramping or feeling like I'm going to pop.  And I'm sure I'll get all sorts of lectures on the necessity of going every day (which isn't actually "normal" for most people) or the necessity of a high-fiber diet (which is good, but too much fiber can be bad) or the necessity of drinking lots of water to help (I do).

I have had two long, bad weeks in a row.  It is time for a good long weekend!

(Yes, yes I talked about poop on my blog.  Again.  No promises it won't happen again.)

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Five Things I Learned This Week

- You cannot get the smell of mold out of plastic bowls.
- Constipation is absolutely no fun.
- Sugar ants cannot swim.
- I'm allergic to (indoor) cats.
- It is a bad idea to go grocery shopping on the first day of the month which also happens to be a Thursday before 4th of July weekend.  (But the sales are really good.)