Friday, January 21, 2011

Another Week Bites The Dust

Phew!  I survived my first (short) week at my new job.  I've learned a ton, met way more people than I remember, and got settled--a little, at least.

I spent a good chunk of one morning and most of that afternoon just cleaning out my new office.  The person here before me transitioned to a new office, so some of her stuff was still here.  I think more than one part of a breakfast and some lunch got left behind in a drawer.  One more Cheerio, and I'll have found at least a bowl full.  My office is starting to look really nice now, though, and is much, much more organized.  I tend to shy away from clutter, so I've gone down to bare surfaces and walls before I put anything down that I want to keep.  I did manage to get one small quilted wall hanging up on my wall, so it'll be more cozy or homey looking in the next few months.

The Man celebrated his last day at his old job today.  He'll start his new job on Monday.  As neat as it would have been to start our new jobs on the same day or week, the slight separation is nice.  I think we'd both be too frazzled or stressed to really deal with that much change all at once.

This weekend should be a quiet one for us.  We haven't had a weekend at home in a long time (pre-holidays, I think), so we're overdue for late mornings and cinnamon rolls or something.  If I work at it, I might be able to get a good dent on one quilt, but if I get something in the crock pot one day and we have something easy the other day, I'll be satisfied.

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