Monday, January 10, 2011

Back Down to Earth

Coming off the high from both getting job offers last week was both welcome and a little disappointing.  We are both finally feeling like we can plan our future--and be able to fund it.  We're glad to have a couple more weeks of normalcy before our lives are both upended at the same time.

I have recently realized that hand sewing or quilting a quilt isn't so terrible.  It's a bit daunting to be on the beginning end of such a huge project, but it'll go better with some practice.  I'm learning a lot and should be much better at the quilting stitch within the next week or two.

Meanwhile, I've also been teaching myself to tat with a shuttle.  I'm pretty quick at needle tatting, but the shuttle is a whole 'nother beast.  I enjoy it, though, so we'll see what comes of my work.

I made a huge pot of turkey and rice soup this weekend.  The turkey was cooked and then frozen from the big bird The Man got from his employer before the holidays.  The veggies were all on sale.  I figured the pot cost me a little under $5 for six large portions of soup (like two cans of Campbell's each).  I think I almost prefer rice in my soup to noodles, too.  Great texture, no slurping, and easier to find at the store.

I guess I'm sort of drifting through the next week.  I'll be nice to have familiar patterns for now, but I'm still really excited for the next chapter of life to start.

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