Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It's Quite a Change

Is it Friday yet?  This week has been super busy already, and I've only been at work one day!

I had Monday off, yay.  Mom came over, and we went to the fancy-schmancy fabric store in Philomath.  I got two yards of pretty fabric for some wall hangings I'm stitching.  Mom mostly became overwhelmed.  If you don't have a plan when you walk in that store, it's just way too much to try to take in.  So many pretty fabrics, so many great ideas... wow.  I made homemade nearly fat-free chicken pot pies that were awesome.  I also had a bit of time to clean, and I unbasted and rebasted my quilt that I'm currently working on (don't ask why).

Tuesday was my first day at the new job.  I have a lot of cleaning/dusting/wiping down to do in my own office.  I learned a new filing system, learned where things are, got new keys, the usual.  Everyone seems really nice, and I am very happy with my new computer support guys.  They treat me like an adult and a competent individual, two things I haven't yet experienced in the tech support realm.  The new department is about 20x larger than my old one, though, so I'm sure I'm about to learn a lot and meet a lot of new people.  Sure isn't fun to feel like I'm starting over, but at least the learning curve isn't so bad this time.  :)

And today started icky but greatly improved by noon.  I had to suffer through my annual girly exam this morning.  Blech.  I hope my snot sample comes back fine, because I'm sure the nice doctor lady was swabbing the back of my brain.  *shudder*  I also had an eye doctor appointment a bit later.  My prescription went up a whole number this time to -8.50 (contacts) and -9.50 (glasses).  I think a headache is in my future, though at least my wallet isn't hurting so bad since I kept my old frames.

Lemme tell ya, ending my appointment series with a haircut was the right way to go.  After all the poking, prodding, and "one, or two... one, or two..." today, it was super nice to chill in a comfy chair and have my hairdresser turn me into a presentable woman again.  I needed it.

Two more days of work, then I can crash.  I am looking forward to getting out of bed again, though.  That's a nice change. :)

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