Sunday, January 30, 2011

Maple Bar Love

I had to take a picture.  They're that good.
Few people understand the love I have for Roth's maple bars.  Roth's is a chain of grocery stores (IGA's) in the Pacific Northwest.  There used to be one in Albany, but it closed.  There also used to be one in Lebanon, but it, too, closed.  The nearest Roth's to me is in Independence.  After that, I have to travel an hour to Salem just to get my favorite treat.  Not exactly a short trip in the 'jammies on Sunday morning.  :(

There's something special about the texture of a Roth's maple bar.  The bars aren't pillowy and sweet like KrispyKremes (blech!).  They aren't hard and stale like Fred Meyer's donuts.  And they aren't gummy or undercooked like WinCo's.  A Roth's maple bar isn't cakey, but it's more dense than most donuts.  And the maple frosting is frosting, not that drizzled-on crap other stores use.

They're just better.  Tiger tails are a very close second.  And their old-fashioned donuts are unrivaled.



Jules said...

LOL! Our kids love those maple bars too! Occasionally the Roth's here - a mile away - sets out samples :) Perhaps you'll have to move :)

cm0978 said...

I bought donuts at Roth's this weekend and brought them over to a friend's house. Her 4 year old likes ones with sprinkles, so I bought one just for her. I found out, though, that it didn't have ENOUGH sprinkles, although she ate it. Net time I will have to look for a donut that is covered with multi-colored sprinkles. (And now I'm hungry...)

Anonymous said...

Awe, remember to good old days when you and your sister slept in on Sunday mornings and Mom and Dad blessed you with fresh baked Roth's maple bars? It doesn't get much better than that! Oh how I miss that store!