Monday, January 24, 2011

Stitchin' and Sleepin'

One nice thing about a nasty migraine is that I catch up on a lot of sleep.  Between 3pm yesterday and 7am today, I think I was only awake about two hours.  I accomplished almost nothing.  Thankfully I did get my laundry done earlier in the day, so at least we have clean clothes this week!

Saturday was supposed to be calm and at home, but by the time we'd visited both of my grandmas and run our errands, we were invited to Salem for dinner out with The Man's parents after Mass.  I promised him we'd be home by 3pm so he could play his computer games, but we were out until after 9pm.  My little putt-putt car got a good work-out, too, on the long drive.  I like to think it has muscles and needs to stretch it's legs every now and then.  The Man gives me a "look" every time I tell him that.

The response to my hand quilting has been good.  It's nice to start on something new and have people tell me I'm on the right track.  Even my grandma, known for her "pretty goods," gave me a "that's beautiful."  My jaw about hit the floor when she said that.  (Grandma doesn't often grade better than "pretty good," and even more rarely will a "good job" be offered.  A "beautiful" is almost unheard of.)

I'm making more of my turkey rice soup tonight.  It is going to be super healthy and tasty and make tons of leftovers.  YUM!

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