Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Eyeglasses Saga

I went to the eye doctor to get new glasses and contacts on January 17th.  They are finally ready for pick-up today, February 15th.  Is anyone else seeing the month-long delay?

You know that stupid 1-800-Contacts commercial, "My special eyes, they have my brand...," (not a plug, not even close): that's totally me.  I have special eyes.  I don't have a terribly special brand, though.  I thought for sure my eye doctor would have the glasses lenses in stock considering they sold me my frames and still stock the same frames.  Alas, my prescription is so coke-bottle-strong that they have to special order my lenses.  And the people they ordered my lenses from had to special order their stock from someone else.  I think those people had to go hold a bucket of sand up in a lightning storm or something just to make the glass.  Ugh!

I don't even have real glass in my lenses: they're polycarbonate.  They weigh less.  When you wear coke-bottles like I do, every milligram counts.  But polycarbonate lenses shouldn't be difficult to find or make.  The hold-up was pretty ridiculous.

And then I had to order my contacts, which ended up being less of a fiasco than previous times (thankfully).  Since I didn't get new glasses last year, I used my full insurance allotment to get more than a year's worth of contacts.  I got ten boxes instead of the necessary eight boxes to get me through the year.  I can turn in the two unopened boxes and redeem them for credit this year, so I really only have to pay for six boxes of lenses.

Which is still $120.

Lucky me.  At least I'll be able to see that my wallet is empty, right?

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Skunk said...

Don't even get me started on how much it cost me to get new glasses, new lenses, and a years worth of DAILY contact lenses!

At least I save money not buying solutions, right? Yeah, that makes me feel better...