Wednesday, February 02, 2011

I Don't Envy: I Don't Facebook

Yet one more reason to strongly dislike (and avoid) Facebook!  Click here to read the story over at CBS News.  Then come back for my comments (if you want).

I started noticing a sort of dejectedness in myself about eight months ago after having been on Facebook for over five years.  Yes, I was one of the earliest adopters at OSU, waaaaaay back when my network was closed and I knew most of the people out there.  The more of my friends that joined, the more I could see how accomplished (or not) they are.  The hard part for me wasn't jealousy: I'm not the jealous type.  The hard part was realizing my own shortcomings, seeing where I had failed myself, seeing where opportunity had knocked and I ignored it (and my classmates had answered).  It wasn't about the competition--keeping up with the Joneses--as much as an internal competition to be better than I am.

When I left the company of Facebook, I left the misery of competition behind.  My life isn't perfect, but I don't need to be comparing myself to affluent classmates, wondering what they did to make money so fast.  Comments about how someone is gearing up for a luxury vacation don't matter to me anymore.  No, I'm not going on any vacations this month.  I have to choose between vacation and debt, and I'd rather not have debt thankyouverymuch.  And I certainly don't miss having things rubbed in my face constantly: so-and-so is having a baby; someone else just bought a house; and, of course, that girl lost eighty-six pounds in five days and oh-my-gosh-did-you-see-her-boob-job, can-you-see-that-tattoo!

I have to not care.  I have to be okay with telling people my life is more important to me than theirs.  My life--the things I believe in and strive for--have to come before pictures and comments on a social network.  I have to believe in me more than I believe in the half-truths and partial stories people are willing to post on their Facebook pages.  Because when I get out of bed in the morning, look in the mirror all sleepy-headed without make-up, I can look myself in the mirror and say, yup, flaws, but I'm okay with them.  I'm satisfied with me.  I don't need more.

I don't Facebook.  It's not worth losing myself--even a little tiny bit.


cm0978 said...

That's one of the things I admire about you -- you are clear headed. It is so easy to get into the "why don't I have what she has" or "why don't I do all the fantastic things she does." Applause to you for believing in "I'm satisfied with me." And keep it up on those days when that statement seems very hard to say.

cm0978 said...

By the way, the link doesn't work for me.

Jaggy said...

The link issue has been resolved. Sorry!