Sunday, February 27, 2011

I Hate Waiting

I used to think I wasn't a patient person... and then I started quilting.  But when it comes to crowded stores, busy sidewalks, and weddings, well, let's just say I like to be able to get in and get out.

We went to a wedding yesterday.  With every wedding we've gone to in the last few years, we've definitely figured out what makes or breaks a wedding for us.  The Man and I are particular about which readings we like and don't like (1 Cor 13, and anything involving the woman submitting to the man automatically break a wedding).  Whether it's a church or non-church affair, or if it's catered and served versus buffet-style, or if it is open bar or completely dry, none of that seems to matter as much to us.  Our biggest pet peeve is waiting.  Yesterday, we sat for over an hour at the reception before the couple joined us, and they'd done their pictures beforehand.  What gives?  Unless there is a significant distance with the possibility of traffic slowing a couple down, there is absolutely no reason to make guests wait an hour (or more!).

The rest of the wedding was beautiful.  I was simply disappointed that guests were made to wait, wait, and wait some more.

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