Monday, February 07, 2011

Lessons from my Makeup Guru

After scouring the interwebs for makeup advice and reviews, I decided to turn to my very own makeup guru this weekend.  Cart of products in tow, my little sister arrived Saturday afternoon for an hour-and-a-half lesson.  It's obvious she's studied the who's and how's of makeup (and don't lecture me on the previous two apostrophes: I know they're technically wrong, but the words looked stupid without them).

She taught me about foundations and finishes, powders versus creams.  She instilled the values of quality brushes and cheap mascara.  And she showed me the most beautiful eyeshadow palette ever.  What I like best about using her expertise over random advice I find online is that she and I have the same complexion (except I have more freckles).  As noted last week, we're not "fair" or "light" or any of those other super light skin colors.  We're like white-out white.  She was able to fill me in on what brands make foundations and concealers that actually match our skin tones (basically M.A.C and Almay are it!  She uses one, and I have the other).  Neutrogena has some light stuff, but it tends to be poorly rated on the Cosmetics Database.  CoverGirl and Maybelline are also rated poorly, mostly because their products are full of fragrance.

We agreed that, due to my exceptional freckles, powdered foundations are my only option.  My current selection of Almay eyeshadows are just fine.  Blush pretty much looks stupid on us, so it's not a necessary expense.  Black mascara turns us into semi-goth freakos, so we need to stick with brown-blacks or purpley-browns.  And all that pink lipstick can go out the window: corals and taupes look much, much more natural.  Since I hate the sticky feeling of lip gloss and don't need the drying effects of lipstick, I'm basically SOL on lip color.

After our lesson, we went shopping!  I got a tinted lip balm, some eyeshadow primer, a really good (and inexpensive!) kabuki brush, and some under-eye concealer.  My guru agrees that my small stash, while full of drug store items, is well-rounded and appropriate for my level of make-up needs.  YAY!

But I still refuse to wear nail polish.  That stuff is nasty bad. *shudder*

P.S. Thanks, sis, for your wonderful help and advice!

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the randomaestro said...

I try. I have spent countless hours studying on YouTube... though I am no expert, I have learned a lot. And I have also learned not to take reviews on there so literally since we all have different skin. :)

Do what you can and enjoy what you have. Makeup isn't about who looks better, it's about how you feel. As long as you like it and enjoy it, that's all that matters. :)

But I totally have to show you the peel-off masques I just discovered!! :D