Sunday, March 20, 2011

I Create, I Destroy

Whew, I had a fantastic weekend of creating!  Some of my adventures were successful, and one was mostly disastrous.  At least the disaster wasn't expensive.  That definitely makes swallowing the Fail Pill a bit easier.

Friday night included my first attempt at making homemade gluten-free macaroni and cheese.  I used rice noodles and rice flour instead of the regular wheat counterparts.  The flavor was great, and the noodles were perfectly cooked.  However, rice flour doesn't make the best rue, so the cheese sauce had an odd texture.  I think cornstarch will make a better rue next time.  Must experiment because I don't think The Man will ever let me get out of making his favorite food.

My parents came over to watch The Man play soccer Friday evening as well.  His team didn't win this week, but he did score a goal.  I took another two hundred pictures of him playing in order to get two or three fantastic photos (which I will post later this week).  I gave Mom the twelve pairs of earrings that I reconstructed for her and swapped out one she didn't particularly like for another of her own creation.  A baker's dozen went home with her, all much prettier than they were before I fixed them.

Saturday morning came way too fast.  The Man and I got up early and went to Salem to his parents' house.  He got to spend a morning with his father while his mother and I went to a Stampin' Up party.  She'd been to one before, but this was my first time.  Think of it sort of like a Pampered Chef party for rubber stamps and fancy paper, but the host doesn't demonstrate things as much as you just getting to play around and figure things out for yourself.  The Man's Mom showed me the ropes, and we got to sit and chat a bunch while we crafted.  The host lady had a nice little spread of yummy foods that I could eat!  I sneaked an Oreo, too, but I don't think my tummy noticed.  We finished stamping around 1:00pm and then went to lunch.  The Man and I got home just in time for dinner--that I totally didn't plan ahead of time.  We made a $100 trip to the store (ugh!), but I have everything I need for the next two weeks except milk.

Sunday was blissful.  I slept in way late, got up and made hashbrowns, and did four loads of laundry.  I made a quick-ish trip to the craft store to take advantage of a great sale.  After leftover mac for lunch, I set to work in the kitchen making homemade gluten-free pop tarts.

You heard me, homemade pop tarts.

They are delicious!  I took some pictures with my phone, but it's complicated to get those loaded, so we'll see how that goes this week.  I used strawberry jam as the filling, and the crust is a very basic almost pie-like crust.  The Man and I agree that the tarts really need icing, so I showed him how to make some simple icing with powdered sugar and milk.  Since the filling is strawberry, of course I had to put multicolored sprinkles on top.  Everybody who has ever eaten a pop tart knows that there are rules regarding frosting color and sprinkle color.  It just wouldn't taste the same otherwise!

I also put a roast in my crock pot.  I'd been craving it, and The Man swears he's not a fan of roasts since they're often super dry and gross.  But after four hours of cooking away in onion soup mix with potatoes, I had a pound-and-a-half of the juiciest, most tender roast I've ever seen.  And it tasted like, er, well, it tasted like something I'm not supposed to say in public.  I don't know what I did, but that was $5 worth of meat and potatoes we aren't eating.  I talked to Mom and have several ideas of what to do next time.

I'll have to write tomorrow about what I did with the rest of my weekend.  It's complicated, plus this post is long enough.  And I want to go eat another pop tart.


Skunk said...

Umm, pop tart recipe please!! :)

Jules said...

yes! recipe please! I know a number of mouths here who would like it!