Friday, March 04, 2011

I'll Meet You in the Creek

I don't know what has gotten into college girls lately, but this whole pants-inside-ugly-boots thing has got to stop.  Unless you're under ten years old (and even then I dislike the look) or riding a horse, there's no need for your pants to be inside your boots.

Just so you know, when your pants are inside your boots, it looks like you're wearing mini-hip-waders.  So attractive *sarcasm.  The Ugg boots look over pants is my personal favorite: nothing says "I'm cool" like jeans showing off far too many curves and then slipping inside furry mini-hip-waders that make your feet look huge.  Even rubber boots, those all-too-trendy-and-unsupportive-insoled abominations, ought to be reconsidered as everyday wear.  They're made for stomping in puddles, not for wearing to class (or, the horror, work!).  Only a few inches taller, and you could wade right into the creek after school without fear that your precious skinny jeans would become damp and shrink, thereby squeezing off a leg.

The whole skinny jean thing is a crack-up, too, but that's a whole 'nother rant.

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Skunk said...

I beg to differ. Walking around in all this rain makes me love the skinny jeans and boots style. It's also an excellent way to show off ones crazy-expensive boots! However, this is also the sad situation of "it only works for certain people..."

Rubber rain boots can be fun, but no, limit their time to very rainy days...