Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Lent 2011

We're one week into Lent, and I have to say things are not going as well as I had hoped.  Lent is one of my favorite seasons, which is odd since I'm not so into all that spring brings (more sunshine, pollen, jelly beans).  I am doing two things this year, and if I get one of the two accomplished in any given day, I'm considering myself successful.

The Man and I discussed what we could to together for Lent quite a while ago.  We decided we would read as much of Dante Alighieri's The Divine Comedy as we could.  Of course, the entire book is quite thick at two inches, but two or three cantos a night should get us close to finishing all 100 cantos during the 40 days of Lent.  As the history of the Catholic Church and the traditional idea of purgatory, limbo, heaven, and hell cannot be entirely separated from Alighieri's work, we thought the book would be a good choice.  The book is not, in itself, spiritual, nor does it hold an ounce of clout on ecclesiastical matters, The Divine Comedy can help us (in one way or another) better understand our faith.

Plus the sacrifice of having to get together and do something we might not actually want to do for fifteen minutes is more than enough for me to believe it qualifies.  Sometimes we just don't want to read together.  But we made the commitment.  I think we're up to Canto VI, so that puts us about fourteen cantos behind.  Ugh.

Probably more difficult in practice is my goal to do something nice for my husband every day during Lent.  We should always want to do something nice for our spouses, of course, and for all people.  In the day-to-day humdrum of life, we (I should say I) often lose track of little kindnesses.  Whether it's leaving him a nice note or not complaining when he forgets to do something or extra special praise, I'm trying to do something, anything, nice for him.  He might not even notice that I'm doing something nice--and that's okay.  If nothing else, I feel like I'm still trying to impress him in a way, and that sort of brings back the fun of dating.

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cm0978 said...

Funny - I am trying to make the same attempt to be more positive in my interactions with my husband. It's easy to get into the habit of pointing out the faults or disappointments.

I'm also giving up eating out -- which makes him have to also (when he's with me). So far so good, but it's only been a week....And that doesn't mean I give up my weekly Starbucks treat.