Thursday, March 31, 2011

My Butt is Happy

The futon is gone!  Our new couches arrived!  Microfiber, a lovely super light chocolate color, a sort of tan with grey undertones.  SOFT tops with firm-ish cushions so you sink in a little, but not a lot.  The arms are low-profile, so when you sink slightly into the cushion, the arm rests at the perfect height.  Also, the arms make great pillows.  Because, really, a couch with high, useless arms pretty much sucks for laying on and watching TV.  I'm not hosting the queen here, so who cares if they're "proper" couches.  The're pretty while also being comfortable.  Did I mention how happy I was that my futon is gone?

My garage-sale-steal of a futon has found a happy home with my sister.  They had a futon in their living room, but it had... issues.  Now they have one that doesn't slide out from under you mid-sit or separate while you're trying to sleep.  They also can buy double/full-sized sheets and redecorate any day of the week--much cheaper than buying a whole new couch.

I'm also sad to report that "my" brown rocker has taken it's final recline here.  My parents bought the brown rocker before I was born, and aside from a tan rocker they had, the brown one is the only rocker I've known.  It's a Lay-Z-Boy, and while it's structurally intact, the seat is threadbare.  But by golly it still has the original arm chair covers and head mat thingy that fall off every ten seconds and oh my gosh I'm never buying a chair with those again!  I bet it has another ten years in it, fifteen if it is reupholstered.  Dad said his best naps ever were in that chair.  My parents have found a happy home for the brown rocker, likely with a family that needs it more than we do.

Blogging to you live with a happy butt.  You needed to know that.

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