Sunday, March 06, 2011

The Perfect Day

Today was pretty much the perfect day.  The Man and I were on the same wavelength and never bickered once (a fight is rare, but bickering common).  We were able to sleep in until 9:30am, quite a bit later than our usual 7:00am wake-up time.  After snuggling and wondering what we'll do with a whole day to ourselves, we roused and puttered about.  I made hashbrowns for breakfast, sort of a rarity, but will probably become more common considering they're easy to make and don't hurt my tummy.  We did three loads of laundry--and The Man folded his own clothes (yay!).  Around 11:00am, we went over to Borders for The Man to pick up a book he's been waiting over two years to get (it was finally released late last week).  I got a wonderful gluten-free cookbook 40%-off.  It's so rare that I get a cookbook with one or two recipes in it that I really want to try, but the cookbook I got today is over half Jaggy-acceptable!  We also finished our week's grocery shopping and bought gas (the one downer of the day, ugh).

Lunchtime flew by since we were both engrossed in new books.  We finished up the last load of laundry.  I started a load of homemade jerky in my new food dehydrator.  I'll start another load of dried apples before bed.  In the later afternoon, I threw a few ingredients in the bread maker and am still hoping for the best on that front.  I also made brownies while dinner was cooking--tacos and hominy.  We had a bit of time to go downtown to a furniture store to get ideas of the type of couch we might want to buy soon and may have found a steal of a deal, but we'll see what we can find elsewhere too.  Before Mass tonight, I hope to get a couple more little chores done and maybe some stitching.

We both had a relaxing, easy day.  Nothing (other than gas) was expensive.  I did get a lot of things cooked for this week, but it was all set-and-forget type cooking.  We both have new books, and I am working on a few pleasurable reading books besides my cookbooks.  Our apartment was actually warmer than 65° for much of the day without having to turn on the heat.  I didn't have to go on mold patrol.  We're both looking forward to Lent beginning this week, and I have the month's menu planned around our meatless Fridays.

No meat on Fridays does not mean no homemade macaroni and cheese on Fridays.  Potato soup, pancakes and eggs, shrimp salads... and fish sticks and rice!  I think we'll "suffer" just fine.

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