Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Scott Grimes DRIVE

In case anyone around here missed it in the last five years, I'm a huge fan of Scott Grimes.  His last (first) album came out in 2005, Livin' on the Run.  I can tell you without a doubt that his album has been in my car since the day I bought it (literally the day it came out--and my Border's store had to dig the CD out of the new shipment, the one CD they got).  I've switched the disc out a couple times, but I always go back to that one.

There isn't a bad song on the album, and, unlike more popular artists, there isn't a swear word or rap solo or special guest.  It's 100% pure Scott Grimes.  I still haven't been able to pick a genre to put him in since his music is as much pop as it is rock or even a jazzy-soul-R&B-funky-twang.  I think I would officially put his music in the "great for any day, any mood" genre.

When The Man and I were first dating, I introduced him to Grimes' music.  Let's just say The Man is hooked, k?  We have both been waiting, hoping, praying for the next album.  Yesterday evening, I was toolin' around online when I remembered to look Grimes up and check.  While his website doesn't yet offer much information, I did notice one very important little icon in the shape of a CD.  His new album is finally here.

I set The Man down last night and made him (haha) download the entire album for us.  We downloaded legally since we believe paying for music is the right thing to do.  We also wanted Grimes to know we appreciate his hard work and that we love his music!  I mean, really, I would have paid double what we paid.  The music is that good.

I stuck Drive, the new album, in my car this morning.  We're talking... *kisses fingertips* perfect.

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