Monday, March 14, 2011

We Bought Couches!

After a long three-day weekend, I thought I'd arrive to work today all refreshed and ready to tackle the week.  Not so much.  I could really go for a four-day vacation and another weekend right about now.

Friday was both lazy and busy.  I got the things I needed to get done wrapped up, but I also waited around all day long for a call that never came.  Frustrating, but it was nice to just chill at home by myself for an hour or two.

Saturday was busy-ish.  The Man and I ventured forth in the hopes of finding a couch and loveseat we both really liked.  After a previous weekend of shopping and price-comparing, we were thrilled to find the perfect set for us at a price we were willing to pay.  Yay for feeling all adult-y!  Lots of people offered us a lot of suggestions about what kind of couch to buy, but in the end we got what we wanted.  No sleeper-sofas, no flip-up footrests, no ultra-high arms, and definitely nothing uncomfortable.  We chose something in a microfiber fabric, not leather or suede.  And tan.  Boring, safe, tan.  A tan that we won't have to switch out every time I redecorate, which is, oh, about never.

Because, really, what's the point of decorating when none of our stuff matches anyway?  We're still using patio furniture as a dining set.  And the rocking chair we have is the only rocking chair I've ever known since my parents got it before I was born.  Yeah.  Matchy-matchy I think not.

Let's see, Saturday also included my first gluten in several weeks.  It promptly gave me gut pains that didn't disappear until this afternoon.  I also had a nasty migraine, all of which had disappeared the last four weeks.  It was a delicious donut, but I'm not going to do that again, ow!

Sunday was a bit lazier.  After a little wind storm ripped through town, we popped out to get some groceries.  My sister and brother-in-law came over for dinner and cookie making.  We even made our own oat flour that got stirred into oat-flour-oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies that are super yummy!  Even more boldly, I use every chocolate chip I had (like, half a quart jar).  They're just a tad more crumbly than regular oatmeal-chocolate-chip cookies, but I think an extra egg would bind everything together just fine.  Maybe I'll try that next time.  No recipe forthcoming, sorry, that particular recipe is a family secret.

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