Monday, April 11, 2011

Adult Chore Chart: Update

Our new chore chart and meal planning charts have been successfully utilized (for the most part).  The Man and I gave them a solid two weeks as a trial run.  Some chores just don't have to be done precisely the day the are assigned (cleaning the shower, dusting), and we're pretty good about allowing each other grace periods to get those chores done.  Otherwise, not completing any assigned chore on any given day results in the forfeiture of that entire weeks' "pay."

Sometimes I'll swap chores around for us, so that if he forgets to make the bed on Monday, I'll do it, but I'll give him my bed-making on Tuesday.  Splits the difference, right?  Speaking of that chore, I love not having to make the bed every day.  I'm very thankful The Man has chosen to help.  I can't say he's terribly excited about making the bed... but he's trying.  And he's getting much better at it, too!

In our discussion this weekend, he revealed that he has yet to use the meal planning chart.  I usually either have dinner started by the time he gets home or we go out (once a week or so), so he usually doesn't need to know.  On the other hand, I've really hit my stride thawing meat ahead of time or buying food for two weeks instead of just the current week.  We're able to save a few pennies with fewer trips to the store.  The meal chart also helps me remember which meals I moved around to make it easier on the chef on any given night.

The Man admitted to me that he really likes being able to see what is expected of him right when he gets up.  He doesn't have to wander the apartment looking at garbage cans or checking the dishwasher or getting into the laundry.  He can see at a glance that he needs to empty bins or fold towels or vacuum.  Plus, he can budget his time and get the easy stuff done before work.  He'll unload the dishwasher before leaving so that I have an empty  and clean kitchen in which to start dinner when I get home.

In fact, the chore chart is so handy that I found myself bored this weekend.  Everything was clean, tidy, or put away.  I'd crafted my heart out.  I'd played computer games and read blogs and caught up on all manner of useless knowledge.  It's been a long time since I was bored.  But I have to say I rather liked it (a little bit).


Rachel Rusticus said...

Just joined your blog as I was searching for chore charts for adults:) We need to set this up too, and I love that your guy has a sense of direction now (prob. the hardest part for guys!). I love knowing everything will get done-that's the goal, right?

How do you organize your meal planning, if I may ask?

Tippy said...

My boyfriend and I just agreed to a similar chart and I had no idea how to begin one. I'm so happy to have found your blog! I'm glad that the chart is working out in your relationship, I hope it helps ours!