Thursday, April 07, 2011

Crafting Updates

I've been hand-quilting my first oversized lap quilt for a couple months, and I'm just about halfway around the quilt.  My stitches continue to get smaller and somewhat more even.  I've noticed, though, that if I take a break, I have to relearn how to keep the stitches even, and that isn't my favorite part.  I know pride is a terrible thing, but I'm incredibly proud of how even the stitches are on the back of my quilt.  The back almost looks better than the front.  For a first-timer, I'd giving myself a A+ (narcissism aside, it does look very, very good).

My paint-by-number piece is also shaping up well.  I estimate that I'm about two-thirds done now.  Once I fill in the large green grassy areas and the huge sky portions, I figure I'll be 90% done.  Of course, because all of the little areas have numbers with arrows indicating where to fill in, I have to get those all filled before I do the bigger sky and grass areas, and waiting to do those is torture.  I should be able to fill in the large, easy areas first, right? *Sigh maybe another week or two until that project is all wrapped up.

I've been eyebrow-deep in my Jen Lancaster books the last couple weeks, so I haven't had time for much creative crafting.  I'm trying to get through two more books before the beginning of next month so that I am ready for book #5 when the paperback hits shelves.  I'm just a little too cheap to shell out big bucks for hardbacks, so I wait another whole year to get the paperback.  Book #6 comes out next month, so I'll wait a year to get it (probably).  By the way, Jen Lancaster?  Hilarious.  Her recounting of the paper gown incident at the girly doctor's office is probably the funniest piece of literature I've ever read.

I keep meaning to break out my brand-spankin'-new rubber stamps, but I just don't have enough time between laundry, cooking, quilting, keeping up with my TV shows (important!), playing computer games, cleaning, painting, and trying to spend time with The Man.

Because, really, somebody has to beat the snot out of him at Trivial Pursuit (because I can't beat him at Scrabble, dang it!).

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