Monday, April 25, 2011

I Cook, I Eat, I Sleep

Aside from cooking, eating, sleeping, and driving, The Man and I did very little else this weekend.  We had Easter lunches with both of our families, mine on Saturday and his on Sunday.  We ate entirely too much good food.  And, finally, I saw some good sleep.  Last night, especially, I slept well.

Knowing how much I'd have to do this weekend, I opted to take today off.  A choice well-made, I believe.  Two nice naps on the couch, some quilting, some crock-pot cooking for dinner (no slaving on my day off, that's for sure!), and eight or nine episodes of Deadliest Catch.  I'm into the sixth season now, the last one on Netflix as the seventh season is currently airing.

The Man and I even got a little shopping done on Saturday night.  There weren't any crowds on Easter Eve at the mall, and many stores had good sales running.  The Man got a beautiful microfiber striped sagey green button-down shirt with a matching green undershirt for $9 at Kohl's.  He also got a cool USA soccer team shirt for $9.  I scored three women's t-shirts for $8 each, 50%-off.  They do have my much-disliked cap sleeves, but they're longer cap sleeves that don't cut into my arm underneath, so I think I'll be pleased with them.  Plus they're longer than average which I appreciate.  (It's weird that a company is actually selling a whole shirt these days!  No 3/4-length sleeves, no removed collars, no shorter shirts in that store!)

Back to work tomorrow.  I'm okay with that.

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