Monday, April 18, 2011

I have a feeling I'm going to be up far too late tonight

True to my word, I spent the entire day Sunday watching Deadliest Catch on Netflix.  As of this post, I'm starting season 4.  I've accomplished absolutely zero quilting while watching so far, but I did get a nice nap in at one point yesterday afternoon.  Nothing like waking up to Capt. Phil screaming at something... *shudders*

The Man and I had a quiet weekend at home.  It's funny, growing up I always got bored on the weekends with "nothing to do."  I'd complain I was bored about every fifteen seconds.  Since I've done that whole turning-into-a-responsible-adult thing, I've found myself with less and less time to be bored.  Saturday afternoon, however, I found my stride in the boredom marathon.  While part of me has disdain for boredom, the little kid in me was shouting, "wahoo, play time!"  I just wish I was as amused stacking wooden blocks now as I was way back then...

Allergy season is in full swing.  I've taken to wearing a bandana doubled-over from my apartment to the car in the morning to stop pollen from harassing my dried-out snot tubes.  Between covering my hair really well and not breathing much outside, I've stopped sneezing almost entirely during the day at work.  The meds are helping a bunch, too.  My white car was almost yellow when I saw it this morning, so I know things have really kicked up in the last week.  Three months to go!  (Looking like a bank robber every morning with a black hooded jacket, black bandanna, and black wrap sunglasses?  It makes me giggle inside.  Giggle, not sneeze.  And that's what counts.)

Homemade chicken and rice soup for dinner, a little more DC for dessert.  Life is goooooood.

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