Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Now Accepting Donations for me to Get A Life

It's scary how often I have to explain to people why I've never flown anywhere.  You read that correctly, I've never been off the ground in an airplane.  I've been inside all manner of cargo jets, fighters, bombers, passenger planes, even a Concorde and an Air Force One (honeymoon = Museum of Flight!).  But I've never left the ground on an airplane.

I've never been in a boat on the ocean either.  My only boating experiences were in my uncle's drift boat, on jet boats down on the Rogue River, or on ferries between Anacortes, Wash., and Victoria, B.C.  And while the Puget Sound might look huge to a little girl, I've since learned the "big boats" are not exactly dodging whitewater.

I've never been on a train that was moving.  I've never taken a subway--although I have been on the MAX in Portland a few times (for better or worse).  I have never been in a taxi.  I've never been on a bus that wasn't big and yellow with my school district's name on the side of it.

It would appear that I have either never left home or don't enjoy traveling, but neither of these things is true.  We drove halfway across the country for vacation.  My whole family lives in Oregon or within driving distance, so there's not much reason to not drive.  Disneyland? Drove there.  Canada? Putt-putted all the way up in a car.  The ocean?  A mere hour's drive away.  Mountains for hiking?  Fifteen minutes, at the most.  Snow?  Easily found within two hours year-round.  I just haven't found anything outside of the valley worth flying to see yet.

I really do like traveling and seeing new places.  I would love to go to Rome, and The Man wouldn't hesitate to join me on that trip.  We could spend a week at the Smithsonian in Washington, D.C.  I'd be thrilled with a trip to Alaska (still sorta bummed we didn't get to do that for our honeymoon, but the whole "no boats through the ice bit" makes sense).  Hawaii?  Not so much.  I'd much rather see Tahiti or New Zealand than Hawaii.

Part of me feels left out, and part of me is okay with the fact that I've been limited in forms of transportation.  Am I really missing out on a "friendly" pat-down by a TSA agent?  Am I really missing out on motion sickness?  Really?

If you're interested in donating to the "Jaggy Gets a Life" fund, I could take a sponsor or twenty! LOL!

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cm0978 said...

Salem now has airline service to Portland for $29! I don't think it's a very big plane, though. I am with you on the airplane rides. But the train to Olympia that Cindy and I took last year was fun! I wouldn't mind going again on that. And I took a taxi in Salem 15 years ago because I had to drop off the car to get serviced and had to get to work. Not so interesting.