Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Rain, Rain, Don't Go Away

I am not affected by Seasonal Affective Disorder.  I do not understand how rain and greyness can be gloomy.   The weather cannot have emotions.  People get emotions.  People need to not associate how they live their lives by the weather outside.  Anything you can do in Oregon in the summer can also be done in the winter.  You just have to resign yourself to getting wet.  And getting wet?  Normal.  Think of it as getting a shower and washing your clothes all at the same time (only please continue to shower and wash your clothes because, you know, eew).

I love Oregon and all of the greyness and rain and gloom and doom associated with living in the valley.  See, the thing is, if you're not so keen on rain and grey and SAD, move.  I hear Florida has a high vacancy rate after all of the boomers tried to sell vacation homes during the recession.  Property values plummeted.  Weather?  Still sunny in Miami!

Everyone I've talked to is ready for the rain to go away.  They are all about sunshine and rainbows and ponies from what I can tell (retching noises).  They want hot weather, longer days, and afternoons for golfing or swimming with dolphins or (Jaggy's most dreaded chore) yard work.

I'm so not ready for allergy season to start.  This year, though, I figured I'd be smart and start taking my Singulair a couple weeks before the pollen counts skyrocket.  I take Zyrtec year-round for indoor allergies (although one pill every two or three days is good for the winter months).  I'll probably be on the Singulair until August now, so hopefully the next four months pass by sneeze-free.

I don't want it to become hot outside.  I wilt at the idea of weather warmer than 80°.  Anything hotter and I'm a couch potato.  A stay-in-the-shade-in-front-of-a-fan-drinking-shaved-ice potato.  I don't enjoy picnics unless there is shade, picnic benches (the clean, non-graffiti-ed, not moldy/mossy/mildewy kind), and a solid breeze.  I'm pretty much not okay with laying on a blanket reading: there are these things called rocking chairs which are indoors  and work quite well for reading.  Even better, there are air conditioned libraries for reading.  The Man and I could live in bookstores and libraries.  And air conditioning? Worth every penny.

I love the spring and fall in Oregon since it rains just about every day for ten minutes, and then we get an hour of sunshine sometime in the morning or afternoon.  The rest of the time I get to look outside and see a perfect blanket of grey clouds.  Grey sun-obstructing clouds.  No harsh glare, no worries of melting in the heat.  Perfect, blissful grey.

Sure, the lawns around here could use some sun, and the farmers would probably love to be able to harvest without sinking into mud.  But I'm not ready for the sun yet.  I'm not ready for allergies.  I don't want to be hot and sticky and gross by 3:00pm.  Rain, sweet rain, don't go away quite yet.  And come back soon after you've gone.

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