Monday, April 04, 2011

Staycation Perfection

I took Thursday afternoon through Sunday off, so I had a near-four-day-weekend the last few days.  Thursday was nice since our couches arrived.  We spent that evening hauling away our futon and the old rocker to my sister's and my parents' houses.  Of course, that meant we had to have dinner out at our favorite place in Albany... yum!

Friday was quiet since I was alone most of the day.  I spent six hours covering four pillow forms with purple suede.  Since our couches are a sort of greyish-tan, I thought purple suede would be a big contrast without being hot pink or electric green or some ugly color.  Jo-Ann Fabrics in Corvallis is moving, so I scored two yards of the suede on a good sale.  I did have to make a trip to Albany for the pillow forms and deep purple zippers.  I also taught myself how to sew invisible zippers (that aren't made to be invisible, they're just regular zippers and I made them to be invisible).  Overall, I didn't save a huge amount of money over retail pillows, but I never would have found the deep purple suede in the size I made on a shelf in a store for less than $25 each.  That means I saved about a third on the total cost if you include thread and all the seams I had to rip out in the learning process.  The Man was so impressed, though, and he didn't realize I made them at first, they're that professional. :)

Saturday and Sunday both involved sleeping until 9:00am.  Blissful.  I was going to get up earlier on Sunday, but with nothing needing to be done, I opted for more sleep.  Perfect way to start the day!

On Saturday, we did a little shopping--browsing, really, since we only spent $10.  We visited my parents, had a car washing party since the weather wasn't too bad, and had dinner with them.  Sunday saw us in Salem at a friend's barbecue.  We had a fun time reconnecting, but it was nice to get home in the early evening and veg together on our new couches with a movie.  And another movie.  Yeah, we were pretty much "two with the couches" for the remainder of our weekend.

The Man and I even managed to spend pretty much the whole weekend together and never squabbled or fought or anything.  We have nice weekends like that from time to time, and it was great to be on the same wavelength again.  Maybe that trend will continue?

I woke up tired but relaxed today, feeling good, ready to tackle my week.  That lasted about ten minutes... but at least I got to feel great for a little bit!

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Katrina said...

Hi! So, confession: I'm a bit of a creeper, as I've been following your blog for some time now and I don't know that I've ever commented. I'm trying to be less of a blog stalker (you're not my only "victim"), so I thought I'd say hello.

Also, I have to say I'm a little jealous of your new couches. My husband and I are still using furniture that looks like it came from a dorm. Someday I hope we can join the Adult Furniture club.