Monday, May 16, 2011

Getting the Rust Off

So apparently being without a piano for two years has caused me to become... rusty.  I hate that word.  I don't feel corroded.  I just feel out-of-practice.

I find myself counting ledger bars below the bottom staff again.  Is that a G?  Is that a B?  Dangit, I used to know this!  As a long-time flute player, I'm still pretty familiar with the top staff still--at least.

I question eighth notes and sixteenth notes, as if that extra flag causes a note to be longer in my head when it's really shorter.

I forgot which songs I love to play and which ones always caused me problems, so I'm struggling to figure out where I was.  The up side is that I bet I'll enjoy some songs I forgot hating previously.

Also, did they change the size of the keyboard or move some of the keys around in the last two years?  My fingers are having a hard time hitting the right notes sometimes.  Okay, a lot.  A lot lot.

But I'm having the time of my life figuring all of this out again.  I'm definitely getting the rust off.

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