Friday, May 06, 2011

I Feel Like Such a Sell-Out

I'm sorry.  We'll just start there, okay?  I'm sorry.  I've ranted and railed against social media for years (even my previous post!).  I can't stand being part of the "in" crowd.  But I did it.

I joined Twitter.

And I feel dirty all over.  

For those less in-the-know that I was (which has to be a phenomenal achievement, so a gold star for you folks), Twitter is like Facebook's status post without all the other fluff that Facebook entails.  It's the social without much of the media.  And lots and lots of famous people--A-list or otherwise--are on Twitter.  If they're nice, they might even tweet you back.

That's why I joined.  I wanted to stay a bit more up-to-date with my favorite musical artists and actors.  I did put up a new block on my sidebar over to your left so you can see my tweets.  If you are so inclined, you can even follow me (but really, don't count on me doing much there for the time being).  Or you can just read it right there and never even have to set up yet another account with yet another unique password that you'll undoubtedly forget in ten seconds (like I did!).

I am going to go take a hot shower now and try to wash the tweety feathers off and forget any of this ever happened.  Until later when I can't stand it anymore and just have to tell you how I did something so amazing you'll want to do it too, and the whole FOMO cycle begins again.

I'm doomed.  *hangs head, sulks*

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