Sunday, May 15, 2011

In Love All Over Again

I am a woman of many loves and few passions.  I love beading and quilting and hot-gluing.  I love baking and eating home-baked food.  I even love watching documentaries.  But yesterday, I was blessed to be able to reclaim a lifelong passion.

Ever vigilant and communicative about our finances, The Man and I had been wavering about our needs and wants.  We had both been thinking of things to spend our meager surplus income on (after we paid off all of our debt, paid ourselves, and all those other things we have to pay for).  [Did I just end two thoughts with prepositions? Bah!]  I was thinking a new sewing machine would be nice, and we both were considering some more "adult" furniture (as in grown-up, not the dirty way).  Two weeks ago, The Man asked me what I was thinking again and mentioned what he'd decided.  Oddly--or not--I agreed completely.

We went shopping last weekend in town and didn't see anything like what we were after.  We researched online a bit and found sorta-close-but-not-quite-right items online, plus we got to see some price points.  Yesterday, while we were in Salem, we went shopping again at a more likely store.  And then the stars aligned.

Holy chromatic scales Batman, we bought a piano!  We are now the exceptionally happy owners of a Roland digital console piano, complete with 88 fully-weighted springless hammer-action keys, a good bunch of fun sounds, page holders built into the music stand, and a deluxe cushiony bench.

It disassembles into pieces that fit (thankfully) into our car.  The Man and I are easily able to carry the top part together.  And it never needs to be tuned.

I have fallen in love all over again.  Between giddy quips back and forth, "We bought a piano! We bought a freakin' piano!" I commented to The Man, "You know, if you had purchased for me one of these two years ago and proposed with it, I totally would have said yes.  This is way better than diamonds, and it's even made to fit my finger(s)."

So you'll have to excuse me if I don't blog for the next week.  I'm going to be where I have always felt like I belong.

Note to The Man: I still like sparkly things, too.  Just so you know.

And a note to valley residents: if you are ever in need of a digital piano or sheet music, please go visit Rick at Music, Music in Salem.  He is fantastic.  He knows his pianos, only sells what he wants to sell--because it's good--and isn't bent on pressuring people to buy from him.  He matches or beats online prices.  Support your local music stores!  (Unpaid advertisement!)

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Strayer said...

You're going to be making music! Congrats on your new piano.