Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It's All Coming Back To Me

Last weekend included a fun hike in the McDonald-Dunn Forest, a bit of stitching, some piano playing, a video game session or two, some light cooking, and a wee bit of cleaning.  It was almost the perfect weekend.

My quilt is almost finished.  I have one block left to stitch by hand, the in-the-ditch part to do by machine, and then the binding.  I am thinking about machine-binding for extra durability, but I haven't decided that for sure yet.  My goal is to finish the quilt completely early this weekend, maybe by Friday if I'm super diligent.

I've been playing our new piano nearly every day in the last week.  More and more is coming back to me, especially the notes and key spacing.  I'm not quite up to where I left off, but I figure another month or two should see much more improvement.  Last night I pulled up an older song I haven't played in years.  My muscle memory of how I played that song is still pretty strong, but I wasn't always on the right keys, so it sounded awful.  The second run through was much better.

The Man and I are both doing well.  We just don't have much new news.  Maybe a long weekend together will incite some adventure on our part so that I will have new stories to share here.

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