Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend Snoozefest

After finishing my quilt Friday, participating in The Man's family's memorial weekend tradition, and visiting with my parents and grandma, we officially entered Snoozefest on Saturday.  It was glorious.

I did manage to get three loads of laundry done in three days.  I also threw cookie dough in a pan and made bar cookies.  The most fancy thing I cooked was french fries... from the freezer to the oven (OreIda is all gluten-free! yay!).  We went grocery shopping.  We both played video games until our eyes bugged out of our skulls.  We played the piano quite a bit.  And by Monday evening, I was bored.

I need another project.

My sister visited on Saturday, and we found a super cute purse pattern that she's eager to get started on.  I have a couple other projects I want to do.

Otherwise? We slept a bunch this weekend.  'Til 9:00am for me, and later for The Man.  We didn't stay up too late either, 11:00pm or so.  Very, very nice.

It was nice actually getting to spend a solid block of time with The Man.  Since he often works later than I do by a couple hours, and I tend to go to bed a bit before him, having three whole days off together was awesome.  Four days together would not have been awesome, though, just sayin'.  Space is a glorious thing. :)

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