Monday, May 02, 2011

Win, Lose, or Draw

Happy Monday, dear reader.  I survived the weekend.  I'm giving this week the ol' college try (but no promises).  And next weekend?  Can't wait.  It's not that I have plans, I just can't wait for the weekend. :)

Saturday saw us up early and in Woodburn for some shopping.  I was on the hunt for new shoes and maybe some clothes.  I would also like a new watch, but that's not a huge issue.  The Man got his watch fixed (yay!), scored some awesome pima cotton polos, snagged a new backpack, and found sunglasses that actually fit him, all for under $50.  I? Didn't get a damn thing.  I couldn't find any watches that are small enough for my wrist and look classy (but I did see a few nice wall-clock-sized watches, what is up with that trend? seriously!).  I can't stand 3/4-length sleeves or cap sleeves, so shirt shopping was a total loss.  Pants?  We tried Levi's, but apparently the one style I wear they don't carry in their outlet store.  Blah.  Shoes were my big thing.  I went into store after store looking for narrow shoes.  Either my heel slipped out of the shoes I tried on or I could flop the shoe back and forth over my arch or they just didn't fit.  The one pair of shoes I tried on a Naturalizer were actually too narrow--shockingly, amazingly--but were also ugly.  I mean, really ugly and pointy and tan.  The one pair of shoes I was stoked to try on at Merrell happened to be the one (and only!) style that store didn't carry.  Suffice it to say my Saturday was full of disappointment.

Saturday evening was nice, though.  We went to my parents' house and fixed Mom's computer with some "new" hardware from another computer.  She's rockin' a wireless card now, too.  The Man and I have both learned not to help people with computer issues as a rule, but Mom's problem was hardware.  We can handle the things she needed.  Software issues?  Spyware?  Don't know what that screen means?  Not going there.  Lots of other people get paid to do that kind of stuff, and we're leaving it to tech support professionals.  It's not that we're selfish as much as that we don't want to be responsible for another machine.

Sunday was nice.  We got up and did our weekly shopping errands.  We got some of that foamy shelf liner stuff to put under our couch cushions that were a bit slide-y, so hopefully we've solved that problem.  I waded through the rest of season six of Deadliest Catch, so now I'm all caught up.  So hard to watch that season again, but I filled in all the gaps I had missed last year.  We also finished up season four of JAG which we've been getting on DVD from Netflix since last fall.

I made brownies with frosting yesterday.  We have some Tillamook ice cream in the freezer.  Dessert at Chez Jaggy is going to be awesome this week!  (and next week's diet is going to suck!)

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