Monday, June 20, 2011

Craft Break

After spending the last six months on a quilt, I've taken a quilting hiatus this month.  I just need a break.  I do enjoy not having a project looming over my head, being able to work on smaller projects and whip them out in no time.  I spent much of Sunday papercrafting.  We don't need to go into what I crafted to say that paper models, origami, kirigami, and the like remain my most favorite and relaxing crafts.  Quilting is enjoyable, of course, and I love that.  Sometimes it's nice to scissors-cut, mash, and paste something up in a few hours rather than stitching for days.

I do have the fabric for my next quilt.  I'm planning an orange and black lone star quilt as a wall hanging.  If all goes according to the plan, I'll have the fabric cut in the next week or two and pieced by the end of next month.  It's a smaller project that won't need much (any?) actual quilting once the piecing is finished.  The fabric is of the highest quality this time, and I discovered spray starch recently, so the cutting should go much easier and faster than last time.  Also? new rotary blades.  I learned my lesson the hard way on that one.

My little sewing machine can handle the piecing, but the tensioner is all out of whack, and I don't want to spend $100 to get it serviced.  Even though I'd love to have the $1,000 machine I've had my eye on for a year, I may end up settling for the $300 machine I can buy locally.  They're both solid steel innards (not pot metal like my current model), and the more expensive one only has two or three more features than the less expensive machine doesn't have.  Neither do embroidery.  I might just hold out for my birthday or Christmas and see what happens.

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