Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Five Years Ago Later

In trying to decide what to write today, I wondered where I was five years ago.  What was I doing?  What could I have been thinking?  Was I happy or scared or angry or bored?  Thanks to bloggy, I was able to look back and see who I was five years ago.

I was thrilled to be a college graduate, terrified to be unemployed for the first time in my adult life, a little scared to move back in with my parents, and enjoying dancing every possible second.  I had no idea what my life would hold, no prospects for love. I'd just quit a job that put me through college.  I met so many wonderful people who had inspired me, and I couldn't wait to finally write my own story.  All I had was hope.

In five years, my life has done a full 180°.  I'm still a college graduate, that hasn't changed, but this whole "employment" thing has been a bumpy ride.  I've worked a job so soul-sucking that being back in that steamy kitchen slogging through dirty dish water would have been a blessing.  I always told myself on those hot summer days that nothing could be worse than scraping dried egg off plates, but, let me assure you, there are worse jobs.  Even white collar jobs in climate-controlled offices with committee meetings and politics and crappy cake on holidays.  Maybe that was God's lesson to me with that job.

In the last six months, I started a new chapter in my career.  I love my life now, and while my new job doesn't exactly cause adrenaline rushes or moments of intense anger (yay!), the dullness is oddly pleasing.  I know the hope I clung to for that very long summer five years ago served me well.  It was the longest summer of my life, certainly the most difficult, and one of the most educational experiences I've ever had.  Here's to writing my own story.

Who were you five years ago? 

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