Thursday, June 30, 2011

I (Heart) Reading

I discovered Google Books today.  My hunt for inexpensive books has been satisfied for the time being by the great number of free books available.  As I have no form of e-reader, I simply read the books on my computer or laptop screen.  There are instructions for how to get many of the books loaded onto an e-reader (Kindle not supported, sorry Mom), or you can use your tiny mobile phone screen.

The complete works of Jack London, lots of the great classics, everything from Shakespeare, plus plenty of oddball works nobody really remembers are available for free.  I quickly grabbed ten books to start my collection, and there are hundreds more I can see myself reading.  If I do want to spend money, I can pay for the privilege to read some books.

The great irony is that I want to print out each of the books so I can read them on the couch or in bed, place a real bookmark between the pages, and move on to my next task.  I don't want a back-lit screen.  I like the musty book smell, especially of the really old books.  Heck, even new books have an inky deliciousness.  E-readers don't cut the mustard on the smelliness.

But free is a price I can't pass up when it comes to literature.  Hooray for happy reading and a growing mind!

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