Wednesday, June 08, 2011

I need more craft space!

I've been considering options for craft storage for over a year now, and I haven't made much headway.  I don't like clutter or having to dust lots of stuff, and I don't particularly care for open shelving unless it's a bookcase with books on it.  I've seen lots of unique ribbon and thread storage, and I've seen beautiful sewing tables and desks.  None of these ideas have been particularly apartment-friendly though.  The whole "not much floor space" combined with the annoying "no holes in the walls" bit does make things difficult.

Right now I'm using a set of rolling plastic drawers for the majority of my craft supplies.  Well, the non-sewing supplies anyway, since those have spilled into a massive bin for scraps, a tote for threads and scissors and other notions, and another pile of odds-and-ends I'm not really sure goes anywhere else.  All of my plastic drawers are full, plus my desk is full of regular office-type supples (that double as craft supplies, really).

When I go to use my sewing machine, I have to take over the dining room table.  Now our Costco-special table is all fine and good for eating and such, but patio furniture does not make for a stable or comfortable sewing experience.  (Just don't knock the patio furniture for the style: it was cheap, it works, and, for patio furniture, it looks quite nice.)  I'd love to be able to leave my mess with the machine out for more than a day, but then my project is in the way of our eating dinner.  Also, it's pretty much right in the middle of everything.  I know I'm supposed to pick up my messes when I'm done working, but sometimes a mess just needs to stay a mess for two days or three weeks or whatever until the whole project is finished.  This, from a neat-freak!

I'm trying to think vertically.  I'm trying to consider what items I have and what items I want.  I'm hoping to be able to grow slowly into what I'm designing in my head, but sometimes my dreams are hard to contain.  Like the library The Man and I will have someday... oh the dreams!

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